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World Snowboarding Points List & Riders Protocol

World Snowboarding Points Lists

The World Snowboarding Points List is the result of a global collaborative effort to create one universal, transparent and fair ranking system for competitive snowboarding. At any given point in time, the WSPL will provide the most accurate and detailed picture of the top riders in the world and their corresponding results.

The World Snowboarding Points Lists are calculated every Thursday at 6.00am PST for Halfpipe, Slopestyle and Big Air disciplines for both men and women. A rider’s position on the Points Lists is determined by calculating an average of a rider´s points of his/her best results over a 52 week period. The number of best results counting per discipline are as specified below:

  • World Snowboarding Slopestyle Points List: Average of Best 3 results in last 52 weeks
  • World Snowboarding Halfpipe Points List: Average of Best 3 results in last 52 weeks
  • World Snowboarding Big Air Points List: Average of Best 3 results in last 52 weeks

The individual points used for the calculation are based on the 10-scale WSPL Points System with three determining factors: „Level of event“, „Quality of field“ and „Field size“. The WSPL Points System (10 floating levels) is completely separate from the TTR Points System (6 static levels) used for the calculation of the World Snowboard Tour Rankings.

  • Level of event:  Each event will be classified into one of three categories: national, international and elite. For national level events, points levels range from 100 to 600, international level 300 to 800 and elite 600 to 1000 points. The points level of an event is based on the quality of field.
  • Quality of field: As soon as the result of a competition has been received and entered into the database, the R-Value and P-Value are being calculated automatically by the ranking engine (based on the top-ranked riders at an event). Based on the level of event and the respective R- or P-Value for the competition, the points level of the competition is automatically derived as per the table below. (click to enlarge)


For men, the 8 top ranked riders will be evaluated, for women the 5 top ranked riders on the result. If none of the riders on the result is ranked on the current points list, the minimum points level is applied.

  • Field size: After the points level of a competition has been determined, the individual ranking points for each rider are calculated by a mathematical formula which uses placement of rider, field size and points level as input variables.

World Snowboard Tour Seeded Rider Protocol

The seeded rider protocol guarantees the World Snowboard Tour Top 10 Men and Top 5 Women in the respective disciplines direct seeding into World Snowboard Tour 5Star and 6Star events. The World Snowboarding Points List, as of 3 months before the event start date, determines which riders are eligible for direct seeding. World Snowboard Tour 5Star and 6Star events must grant entry to eligible riders 4 weeks before the event. If the rider does not confirm his attendance within the 4 weeks before the event, the organizer can re-allocate these places as Wild Card entries.

World Snowboard Tour Qualified Rider Protocol

The qualified rider protocol provides priority access to the World Snowboard Tour Top 250 Men and Top 125 Women on the respective points list at all 4Star, 5Star and 6Star events that feature open qualifications. Available qualified entry places at events are limited by the total spots and are assigned based on a rider´s position on the points list at the cut-off date. To determine the eligible riders, organisers will use the most recent points list available when registration closes for an individual event. Riders who missed the registration deadline can´t request entry under this rule, it is up to the rider to register on time.

Example: Event A has an open slopestyle qualification with 80 spots available on the start list. The registration deadline is November 30th, 2012. The event will use the World Slopestyle Points List as of Thursday, November 24th to determine the qualified riders.

  • Scenario 1: 120 riders out of the Top 250 have registered by the deadline. The top 80 riders out of the 120 registered riders are selected for the event, The rest of the riders go onto a waiting list and are contacted in order of position if a rider cancels their entry.
  • Scenario 2: 60 riders out of the Top 250 and another 40 with either no rank or a position lower than 250 have registered by the deadline.  The 60 riders ranked within the top 250 and the next 20 highest positions are selected for the event.


If a seeded rider does not confirm attendance until 6 weeks before the event
organizer can re-allocate a maximum of 20% of these unconfirmed spots as
Wildcard entries. Wildcards are for riders who are not the next in line or listed on the
Points Lists and it is at the Event Organizers discretion on how to choose the rider.
The remaining unconfirmed places shall be allocated to the next rider-in-line on the
respective World Snowboarding Points List by Discipline.
In case the Event Organizer still has open spots two weeks prior to the event start
date, the additional unconfirmed places can be used as additional Wildcard entries
to reach the rider field size.


The Frozen Points Protocol allows an injured rider to retain his/her seeding rights during the period of injury and for a period of time after he/she has recovered from the injury. To achieve this, a riders points on the respective rankings will be “frozen” as of the week when the injury occurred and the rider will be ranked based on the frozen points on the respective ranking as long as the rider´s status is injured or recovered. Upon receipt of a medical certificate, signed by a medical doctor, a rider’s WSPL points will be frozen as of the week when the injury occured. As long as a rider has a “frozen points” status – either injured or recovered – his/her ranking on the respective WSPL will be calculated on his/her frozen points. For more detailed info click HERE


R-Value (Rank Value of a competition)

- Calculated for 5 top-ranked women or 8 top ranked men on a result
- Uses the most current Points List as the base list
- Calculated as the average of the current ranks of the X top-ranked riders on the result
- Example Top5 Women Ranks 1,2,4,6,7 = 4
- Special rule: if less than 5/8 riders are ranked the sum of ranks will be divided by the the number of top ranked riders -1


P-Value (Points Value of a competition)

- Calculated for 5 top-ranked women or 8 top ranked men on a result
- Uses the most current Points List as the base list
- Calculated as the average of the current points of the X top-ranked riders on the result
- Example Top5 Women Points 1000, 900, 760, 500, 400 = 712


The formula to calculate the riders points for an individual placement is as follows:
P = PL/100 * (e((-R-1)/t)*Pdelta + (101-(R*100/F *(100/F-1)))*delta – (e(-F/t)*Pdelta)/F*(R-1))
P = Points of Rider
PL = Points Level Event (i.e. 1000)
R = Final Rank of Rider on result (Placement i.e. 1,3,5 etc)
F = Gender Field Size (Total number of ranked riders on result)
delta = 0.65
t = 6
Pdelta = 100(1-delta) = 35