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TTR Sony Ericsson Snowboard Fest 2012 – Teaser

The biggest snowboard competition in Slovakia – SONY ERICSSON SNOWBOARD FEST ranked by TTR 4 Star takes place 18th February in PARK SNOW DONOVALY. Make sure to come and see this epic fight for 10,000USD price money between top snowboarders from around the world.

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TTR Sony Ericsson Fest 2012 – Wrap Up

Huge kickers, massive tricks, nice atmosphere and easy riders, that is the 12th Sony Ericsson Snowboard Fest! Ski resort Park Snow Donovaly experienced a great snowboard show. Fifty of the best riders from 9 different countries in Europe came to encourage 1,500 fans who have created an unforgettable atmosphere. They managed to arouse professional riders; they were shown the tricks, what we can see here in Slovakia only once a year and this is because of the biggest and best snowboard show - SONY ERICSSON SNOWBOARD FEST. The winner was 20 years old rider from Norway, Jorn Simen Aaboe. Jorn Siemen Aaboe stole the show with the switch backside double cork 1080 mute nose bone and massive backside double backflip 180. Second came Slovenian rider Aljosa Krivec with the sweet frontside 10 indy and backside 1260 mute. Third rider was from Austria. Mario Wagner pulled frontside 10 melon and ended his show with the huge backside 7 double grab. The biggest surprise and the greatest pleasure for me were, that finally, after more than six years of Sony Ericsson Snowboard Fest, rider from Slovakia, Matej Matys was in Final. He had a huge amount of competition and went to the end of his forces. Jozef Murín, the evaluation of the show its chief organizer said "I am very happy. For me, it's one of those top moments of this year". Final ten snowboarders were: AABOE JORN SIMEN (Norway), KRIVEC ALJOSA (Slovenia), WAGNER MARIO (Austria), NORDGAARD TRYM (Norway), NEČAS HONZA (Czech Republic), MATYS MATEJ (Slovakia), DE LA TORRE ALEXANDER (Sweden), PODLOGAR PETER (Slovenia), CINCA PATRICK (Germany) a KROLL CHRIS (Austria).

Sony Xperia Snowboard Fest 2013 – Teaser

The 13th year of the biggest snowboard event in Slovakia will take place on 16.2.2013 in Strbske pleso in High Tatras! The reason for the change of event location is that new resort Inter SKI in Strbske Pleso in High Tatra offers the best conditions for building a huge jump that is the priority of the Snowboard Fest. The jump of the Snowboard Fest has had no parallel in Slovakia yet! The evening´s final for 10 000 American Dollars, PRO riders from all over the Europe, crazy after party, accompanying program, atmosphere full of emotions – simply the snowboard party as it should be! Sony Xperia Snowboard Fest 2013 has been again added to the World Snowboard Tour calendar with the 4 Star Level so riders can collect valuable points within this event.

TTR Sony Ericsson Snowboard Fest 2011 – Wrap Up

A truly spectacular performance was witnessed by the three thousand spectators gathered for the biggest Slovakian snowboard contest, the 4Star Sony Ericsson Snowboard Fest on Saturday 19th of February 2011. The freshly upgraded 4Star big air event attracted local superstars, as well as, a strong Swedish and Czech representation to Driencia, the Slovak resort, and a high level of riding was seen throughout the day. Isak Björnström (SWE) took the title leaving countryman Felix Mobärg in second and Jan Nečas (CZE) in third. Isak took home 500 Swatch TTR Ranking points and a mighty share of the $20 000 USD prize purse. The 17-meter flat kicker was in perfect shape and liked by all the riders, and the warm and slightly slushy conditions during the day let riders in the qualifying rounds fly by with a smile on their face. The unique qualification format was one part of the day that made the event memorable and maximised the riding done by the riders. In the first qualification round a minimum of 540 rotation was required to move on, and semi-finals saw a one hour jam session with 2 scored runs where tricks had to be called before dropping in. The evening brought some gusts of wind, but that did not stop the ten qualified riders from putting on a killer showdown in the three jumps, best two counts final. Winner Isak Björnström (SWE) stomped a huge and clean switch backside 900 in the first run, and polished off the victory with a  frontside 1080. He was stoked to take his career's first 4Star title and said, "It's the first time I'm here in Slovakia and it was a really great day today. The jump was perfect and with really good riders here, everyone had fun. I came here with couple friends and I'm super happy now." Felix Mobärg (SWE) who rose to second place landed a backside 720 and a frontside 1080, and in third Czech ripper Jan Nečas threw down a crowd pleasing double back flip and a frontside 1080 and moved up into the World No. 57 in the Swatch TTR tour rankings