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TTR Protest World Rookie Finals 2012 – Practice Day

The 2012 TTR Protest World Rookie Finals in Ischgl started with a sunny training day, under blue sky, lots of powder and a perfectly shaped park. The set up consisted of 3 big table tops with double kickers, a combo fun box & rail obstacle and a final big jibbing area.

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TTR Protest World Rookie Finals 2012 – Rail Jam

Day 3 - Snow and fog at the TTR Protest World Rookie Finals 2012. Visibility was not enough to use all the obstacles on the slopestyle course and after a coach meeting it was decided to turn the qualifications into a rail jam session.

TTR Protest World Rookie Finals 2012 – Day 1

The teams are here: 20 nations for almost 100 competitors landed in Ischgl, Austria, for the 2012 Protest World Rookie Finals, the most important youth snowboard event of the season. Registration day is always pretty confusing when such a mass of youngster enter in a small race office, but it is not a big deal for The Black Yeti.

TTR Protest World Rookie Finals 2012 – Full Event Report

Sven Thorgren and Celia Petrig were crowned 2012 WSF World Rookie Champions!Sven Thorgren (SWE) and Celia Petrig (SUI) won the 2012 Protest World Rookie Finals in Ischgl, Austria, and were crowned WSF 2012 World Rookie Champions with a special prize giving ceremony including live music and special guests. It was the largest edition ever of the World Rookie Finals with more than 90 riders and 20 national team. Despite of bad weather conditions it was possible to complete the event in Ischgl and to crown the WSF 2012 World Rookie Champions. Several program changes took place to face the heavy snowfalls and low visibility conditions but at the end all the riders were able to hit 2 runs during the Rail Session on Friday, and one run in the slopestyle on Saturday. Sven Thorgren from Sweden was the best male, while Celia Petrig the best girl: they won the WSF 2012 World Rookie Champions title and received amazing prizes which will support their snowboard careers. Among the groms, the norwegian ripper Fridtjof Tischendorf was the male winner for the second time in a row, while swiss Romana Petrig was the best girl. The grom champions got "Golden Tickets" to enter every World Rookie Tour event in 2013 for free. "I feel so well, coudn't be more happy!" said the new WSF World Rookie Champion Sven Thorgren after the prize giving. "I want to say thank you to all the staff that organize this event, it was great to ride the Rookie Fests and it helped me a lot for my snowboard career. So, all you kids out there, keep riding the rookie fest events because they are awesome and they will help you in your career."",,,video 2012-04-16,TTR Shred Show 2012 - Big Hip Finals,"The Big Hip contest on Saturday night was a battle. The massive crowd was treated to huge airs, massive spins and amazing style, not to mention some spectacular crashes. In the end Darcy Sharpe's array of tricks sealed the deal for him and he walked away with 15 thousand dollars. Not bad for a night's work for a 16 year old kid.