TTR World Snowboard Tour

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Jenny Jones

  • Age: 36
  • Nationality: GBR
  • Stance: Goofy
  • Residence: Bristol

A sick snowboarder from Great Britain, Jenny Jones has always put up an incredible fight on the World Snowboard Tour. In 2006, Jenny finished as World Nr. 2 and in 2007 made it to World No. 6. The 06/07 season also saw Jenny lay down five Top 5 finishes including a 1st in Slopestyle at the 5-Star Chevrolet Grand Prix, a 3rd at the 6-STar Roxy Chicken Jam in Kaprun, Austria, and a 3rd in the Slopestyle at the prestigious 6-Star Burton US Open Snowboarding Championships.

In the 07/08 season however, Jenny gave her self a strong foundation early on, winning the Slopestyle title at the 5-Star Burton New Zealand Open. She also placed 8th in the Halfpipe and 2nd in the Slopestyle at the 4-Star Garnier Fructis Australian Open. What most notice about Jenny’s riding, and perhaps what makes her such a great rider, is her confidence and ability to take and stomp the bigger kicker lines at each contest she enters alongside stomping the cleanest 5s in the business.

When December hit, Jenny was on top of her game. She placed 4th at the 6-Star Roxy Chicken Jam in Kaprun, Austria and made clear her intentions of continuing her daunting presence in Women’s snowboarding. Her reputation for going big was solidified in reality at the 6-Star Burton European Open in Laax, Switzerland. She was one of the few riders taking the same kicker approach as the men and her efforts paid off, finishing second in the BEO Slopestyle.

Following the European Open, Jenny carried her momentum to Japan and took home her second title of the season at the 5-Star Nissan X-Trail Nippon Open. A third place finish in the Slopestyle at the 26th Annual 6-Star Burton US Open and Jenny posted her 7th result, earning her the position of TTR World No. 7 at the end of the season.

In 2008/09, jenny continued her momentum as one of the strongest female slopestyle riders with podium finishes across the globe including at major TTR events such as the Roxy Chicken Jam US and the Burton US Open. She also collected a win at the Winter X-Games and collecting good results on the Dew Tour making her name known in the U.S.Because of only a few results on her account in that season, Jenny only finishes in World No. 29.

In 2009/10, Jenny only competed at the Roxy Chicken Jam U.S. on the World Snowboard Tour but made herself a name by winning both the Winter X-Games U.S. as well as the first X-Games Europe edition.

For the 22nd edition of the Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, Great Britain’s Jenny Jonnes grabbed the bronze medal in the slopestyle contest – Yeah Jenny !

Result Reports


Season POS Ranking List Points
12/13 294th Overall World Tour Ranking 409.37
12/13 207th Slopestyle World Tour Ranking 102.34
10/11 201st Overall World Tour Ranking 1114.99
09/10 146th Overall World Tour Ranking 1289.94
08/09 29th Overall World Tour Ranking 2729.59
07/08 7th Overall World Tour Ranking 5069.96
06/07 6th Overall World Tour Ranking 5053.25
05/06 2nd Overall World Tour Ranking 1143.40
-1/ 19th Slopestyle World Tour Ranking 651.08
-1/ 233rd Big Air World Tour Ranking 102.34

Results Stats

Career Stats

Star Tier No. Result Av. Finish Av. SS Av. HP Av. QP Av. BA
INTL 11 6 5 8 0 0
ELIT 31 4 4 24 0 0