TTR World Snowboard Tour

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Fin Bremner

  • Age: 17
  • Nationality: GBR
  • Stance: Goofy
  • Height: 5ft 9
What age did you start snowboarding and why?
aged 9

What is your favorite place to ride and why?
if theres no snow- Aberdeen snowsport centre dry slope and if theres snow in Scotland Cairngorm Mountains. My favourite resort in Europe is Mayrhofen.

What does a normal day look like when you are not snowboarding?
A typical day consists of attending school and heading off for a session in the gym or dry slope.

What do you focus on most, slopestyle? Pipe? Big Air? and why?
Slopestyle and Big Air

What is your most memorable snowboarding experience?
Landing my first cab double 9 at age 14 was pretty insane experience.

How has World Snowboard Tour affected your snowboarding career?
Ive been invited to contests through the World Snowboard Tour and Im looking forward to the future.

How do you prepare for contests?
by not putting my board on until the last minute and listening to my music to get me in the zone

What are your tips for training tricks?
tricks take calculated risks.


Result Reports

Points List

Big Air

  • Current Big Air Points List position: 250
  • Current Points: 52.6
Date POS Event Points Comp
24.02.17 18th SUI Audi Snowboard Series European Qualifier Davos 157.80
  • BA
  • NATL



Season POS Ranking List Points
13/14 185th Overall World Tour Ranking 957.50
13/14 286th Slopestyle World Tour Ranking 128.93
13/14 164th Halfpipe World Tour Ranking 110.45
12/13 96th Overall World Tour Ranking 1447.83
12/13 154th Big Air World Tour Ranking 112.32
12/13 203rd Slopestyle World Tour Ranking 161.99
12/13 140th Halfpipe World Tour Ranking 134.82
11/12 434th Overall World Tour Ranking 593.59
11/12 295th Halfpipe World Tour Ranking 62.17
10/11 365th Overall World Tour Ranking 1015.83
09/10 1008th Overall World Tour Ranking 321.71
08/09 1317th Overall World Tour Ranking 276.36
-1/ 470th Overall World Tour Ranking 236.04
-1/ 357th Slopestyle World Tour Ranking 59.01
-1/ 688th Slopestyle World Tour Ranking 71.45
-1/ 624th Slopestyle World Tour Ranking 86.23
-1/ 718th Big Air World Tour Ranking 71.45
-1/ 376th Halfpipe World Tour Ranking 73.25

Results Stats

Current Season Stats

Star Tier No. Result Av. Finish Av. SS Av. HP Av. QP Av. BA
REGL 1 15 15 0 0 0
ELIT 1 37 37 0 0 0

Career Stats

Star Tier No. Result Av. Finish Av. SS Av. HP Av. QP Av. BA
REGL 16 11 11 0 0 6
NATL 16 17 20 14 0 14
INTL 1 49 49 0 0 0
ELIT 1 37 37 0 0 0