TTR World Snowboard Tour

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Ellery Hollingsworth

  • Age: 25
  • Nationality: USA
  • Stance: Regular
  • Height: 5"6'
  • Residence: Darien

Ellery Hollingsworth is from Darien, Connecticut and started snowboarding at Vermont’s Bromley Mountain when she was six years old. Her brothers had been snowboarding already for a couple years, and looking up to them, it was just a matter of time until young Ellery would strap in and follow in her brothers’ footsteps. She graduated at the Stratton Mountain School where she trained to be a professional snowboarder.

The first time Ellery appeared up on the international shred-radar was in 2006, when she got third at the Burton New Zealand Open. A year later she even stepped it up with a third place at the 6 Star Burton European Open. Then, in 2009, Ellery made history when she became the first women to land a 1080. She quickly established herself, as a leader of snowboarding’s next wave of female shredders.

One year later, however, Ellery narrowly missed a spot for the Olympic team. In the upcoming year, though, the self-proclaimed Newfoundland dog-enthusiast once again proved that she is one of the most talented ladies out there, and landed podium spots at the Burton US Open, Burton Canadian Open and Burton European Open.

Besides snowboarding, Ellery loves traveling, surfing, cooking soup with Momma, skydiving and reading. She also plays golf, soccer, tennis, runs and does yoga.




Result Reports


Season POS Ranking List Points
13/14 73rd Overall World Tour Ranking 1269.70
13/14 16th Halfpipe World Tour Ranking 512.42
12/13 25th Overall World Tour Ranking 1680.00
12/13 7th Halfpipe World Tour Ranking 773.26
11/12 8th Overall World Tour Ranking 2120.14
10/11 64th Overall World Tour Ranking 2445.68
09/10 114th Overall World Tour Ranking 1569.84
08/09 10th Overall World Tour Ranking 4688.86
07/08 10th Overall World Tour Ranking 4416.81
06/07 12th Overall World Tour Ranking 4440.09
05/06 18th Overall World Tour Ranking 690.00
-1/ 206th Slopestyle World Tour Ranking 113.78
-1/ 7th Halfpipe World Tour Ranking 749.30
-1/ 9th Halfpipe World Tour Ranking 820.00

Results Stats

Career Stats

Star Tier No. Result Av. Finish Av. SS Av. HP Av. QP Av. BA
INTL 59 9 9 9 0 0
ELIT 32 8 11 7 0 0