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David Benedek

  • Nationality: GER

While not a major competitor on the TTR World Tour, David Benedek’s place in snowboarding cannot be ignored. Born in Munich Germany and learning to snowboard at the age of 9, David has become one of the most progressive snowboarders to date with industry changing video parts and mind blowing tricks such as his epic frontside double-corked 1260.

David is well-known for his parts in films such as Afterbang, Lame, and Afterlame from production company Robot-Food which he co-founded. He also became widely recognized through Blank Paper Studios and their film 91 words for snow, which took snowboarding films in an entirely new and fresh direction.

David first competed this season in the Nokia Air & Style Munich 07, placing 4th, similar to his 2006 performance at the same event. He pushed the envelope, with technical¬† double-corked 10s and 12s which are near impossible to call when you see them live or on video due to so many spins and flips combined in one trick. David’s second result came in the form of 10th place at the 5-Star Nissan X-Trail Jam in in Tokyo, Japan but he was also one of the luck few to be invited to Travis Rice’s inaugural 4-Star Quiksilver Natural Selection in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. David took his renown backcountry freestyle skills to the sick and powdery terrain of Jackson and earned his third and final result with a 4th at the QNS that placed him in the Top 100 of the TTR’s end of season rankings.

Although Benedek may not compete as much as other riders, he still makes it out to major events to catch up with friends. Otherwise, he can be found out on the mountain pushing the boundaries of snowboarding all for the sake of personal progression.

Result Reports


Season POS Ranking List Points
09/10 2173rd Overall World Tour Ranking 99.16
08/09 592nd Overall World Tour Ranking 694.12
07/08 99th Overall World Tour Ranking 2204.63
06/07 265th Overall World Tour Ranking 1111.77
05/06 11th Overall World Tour Ranking 2744.03

Results Stats

Career Stats

Star Tier No. Result Av. Finish Av. SS Av. HP Av. QP Av. BA
NATL 1 31 31 0 0 0
INTL 3 9 9 0 0 0
ELIT 6 12 12 0 0 10