TTR World Snowboard Tour

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Who is ... Arthur ? Rider

Arthur Longo

  • Age: 28
  • Nationality: FRA
  • Stance: Regular
  • Height: 63
  • Residence: Les Deux Alpes
  • Home resort: 2 alpes
  • Competing since: 1995

Meet Arthur. If you don’t know him yet, please pay attention: he’s one of the most versatile riders on this planet, and you might add him to your “favorite riders” bunch after you saw him shred.

Arthur Longo is 25 years old and comes from the French village/ski resort/glacier Les Deux Alpes. Last season, Arthur scored the opening part in the Pirate Movie Production flick Unique8 and blew some more minds in Volcom’s #IP2 project. But the Frenchman isn’t only a boss when it comes to powder, he’s also one of the best halfpipe snowboarders. In fact, the man who laughs constantly while riding currently sits on fifth place in the World Snowboard Tour Halfpipe Rankings, last season he won the silver medal at the X Games in Tignes, and in 2009 he won the Oakley Arctic Challenge.

Now, how did this dude get that good, you ask? Why don’t we just hand over the mic to the man himself…

“As long as you’re healthy and want to do better and better for yourself, I think you will get better. It’s simply the passion that drives you and leads you to getting better and trying new things. For me, I don’t have any limits I want to reach. All I want to do it try and try and try.”

See, 25 years old, amazing snowboarder, laid back dude, and already wise beyond his age. Nobody said that the world’s fair…


Result Reports


Season POS Ranking List Points
13/14 114th Overall World Tour Ranking 1216.81
13/14 18th Halfpipe World Tour Ranking 539.78
12/13 81st Overall World Tour Ranking 1517.85
12/13 13th Halfpipe World Tour Ranking 688.52
11/12 122nd Overall World Tour Ranking 1308.29
11/12 32nd Halfpipe World Tour Ranking 467.94
10/11 83rd Overall World Tour Ranking 2468.60
09/10 22nd Overall World Tour Ranking 3513.46
08/09 13th Overall World Tour Ranking 4832.98
07/08 25th Overall World Tour Ranking 3641.51
06/07 12th Overall World Tour Ranking 4139.44
05/06 357th Overall World Tour Ranking 500.15
-1/ 262nd Overall World Tour Ranking 451.90
-1/ 80th Halfpipe World Tour Ranking 112.97
-1/ 3rd Overall World Tour Ranking 859.65
-1/ 10th Halfpipe World Tour Ranking 820.05

Results Stats

Current Season Stats

Star Tier No. Result Av. Finish Av. SS Av. HP Av. QP Av. BA
ELIT 2 11 12 11 0 0

Career Stats

Star Tier No. Result Av. Finish Av. SS Av. HP Av. QP Av. BA
NATL 2 1 0 1 0 1
INTL 42 18 17 20 5 21
ELIT 37 17 26 17 8 19