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Mountain Rideshare

Mountain Rideshare

A free mountain specific carpooling website allowing you to connect and fill spare space in vehicles taking part in mountain travel.

  • Save money
  • Reduce your impact on the environment
  • Make friends with people who share your love for the mountains

The site is easy to use with quick Facebook registration and login.

Simply “Post a Ride”, “Request a Ride” and/or look for people who might be going your way.

Typical journeys might include:
Journeys to and from mountain events all over the globe (Snowboard, Ski, Mountain Bike, Ice Climbing, Climbing, Tradeshows). Ski resort transfers, Resort to Resort travel, people also travel from other cities and countries to get to their mountain of choice.

After finding a suitable posting, you can communicate your preferences and terms through the internal email system until you are happy to buddy up and Share the Ride!

Click on “Accept” and it’s a done deal.

Upcoming Events

An area where we will be featuring ALL of the WORLD SNOWBOARD TOUR events…And more! When an event is added to the site it automatically turns into a carpool option when posting or requesting an event related ride.

If you’re an event organiser, you can post your event by logging into the site, visiting the “Events” area and submitting your event details. After one of our team checks it out they will publish and make the page live on Mountain Rideshare.

Popular Destinations
An area where we hope to feature ski resorts and slopes far and wide.

Why Mountain Rideshare?
Fuel prices are at an all time high …And still increasing!

It makes total sense to fill your vehicle with other people who are going in the same direction and share travel costs. This will make it easier on your pocket and allow you to snowboard more!

Climate Change is for Real!
As an enthusiast who frequent mountains on a regular basis, you don’t need to be told that climate change is really happening. We’ve experienced it effecting our snowy playgrounds for many years. Weather patterns are not what they used to be.

We rely on their well being to enjoy the mountain activities that we know and love, so we need to do what we can to reduce our negative impact on the world and Mountain Ridesharing is one little thing that you can do.

Social Networking
A phenomenon that has changed our attitudes and the way people think all over the world. We are much more open to meeting people in unconventional ways, which has now made carpooling more acceptable than ever before.


So the next time you think about taking part in mountain travel, why not Mountain Rideshare if you can?

Ridesharing is caring!