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You Look Good Riders Cup – Overall Series Champions Revealed!


Mt St Louis hosted the fourth and final stop of the 2011 You Look Good Riders Cup series today, that included the crowning of a new male and female overall series champion. Coors Light Pro Open men’s division competitor Jon Versteeg flew all the way to Ontario from Whistler yesterday specifically to compete for the overall series title. He was certainly successful at the end of the day, capturing first place and taking home the overall series win with an accumulated point count of 27 200. Jon who was twice a bridesmaid going into todays event with a second place finish at the Mt Seymour stop as well as second at Sun Peaks last weekend, was finally able to shake the curse and claim the full $2000.00 first place prize. The golden run for Jon was his second of two in the finals that included, Frontside 5, Switch Backisde 5, Backside 7, Frontside 7 and Tail 270-out on the T-bar rail. The overall series title includes a 7-day surf trip this coming fall season courtesy of Eldorado Surf Resort in El Salvador. Joining Jon at Eldorado this fall will be another Whistler transplant, Gillian Andrewshenko. Gillian also made the decision to travel out to Ontario this past week in an effort to capture the Coors Light Pro Open womens overall series title. After a rough fall in practice Gillian rode injured throughout the contest and still managed to walk away with second place and enough additional series points to claim the overall title. Gillian earned points at both Mt Seymour and Sun Peaks prior to the addition of 8 500 points to her already 17 500 for a winning total of 26 000. Her top finals run included, Backside 3, Frontside 3, a huge Nose-Grab-Air, 50-50 on the down-flat-down rail. The Coors Light Pro Mens division definitely was full of talent and saw some of the divisions most rookie riders step-up and showcase their skills. One such rider was Tyler Nicholson, who just last year was competing in the Renegade category (13-15). In todays Pro Open contest Tyler captured second place and $1000.00 bumping his senior competitor, last years series champion, Elliot Catton into third. Tylers top run included, Frontside 7, Back Rodeo 5, Cab 7, Switch Back 5, 50-50 Front-180-out on the t-bar rail. Elliots third place run went down as follows, Cab 7, Switch Backside 5, Backside 7, Frontside 7, 50-50 back-180-out. Not quite making the podium but definitely leaving an impression on judges and spectators was Mt St Louis local Andrew Skelhorn who walked away with the Snowboard Canada Stand Out Trick Award for his huge Rodeo 7 Nose.Kiersten Higginson dominated the Coors Light Pro open womens category throughout the day, qualifying in first place for finals and ultimately walking away with first place and $1000.00. Her top scoring finals run included, Frontside 3, Backside 3, Melon Grab Air, 50-50 Indy on the T-bar rail. Joining Kiersten and Gillian on the podium was Victoria Marshall in third. Raising the bar all day, Victoria made a point of showing her fellow competitors she has cab 5s in her repertoire. Although not quite making it on the podium local rider Samm Denena took home the Stand Out Trick Award for her huge Backside 3. 15-year-old Taylor Watling captured the Salomon Bonfire Amateur Open Mens division win. Being the youngest competitor in the am category he thoroughly impressed judges with his top scoring run that included, Frontside 5, Cab 5, Frontside 7, Backside 7, 50-50 front-180-out. Alongside Taylor on the podium was Gordin Gillies in second and Matt Izzard in third.Taking home the win in todays Renegade (13-15) mens category was Tim Crighton. His top-scoring run included, Cab 3, Switch Backside 180, Backside 3, Frontside 3 Tail, 50-50 Front-180-out. Todays second place male Renegade Colton Conway was awarded another notable overall series title. With a first place finish at Mont Tremblant coupled with his second place finish today at Mt St Louis Colton earned himself a one-year scholarship with Icarus Shreducation, valued at $5000.00. Also earning a one-year scholarship with Shreducation is the overall female Renegade winner Eve Laliberte, she was not present today but placed first at the Mont Tremblant stop earlier in the season to capture the title.A small but talented group of 12 year-olds made up todays male Grom category. Taking home the win was James Devitt who showed off his Cab 5 as well as Frontside and Backside 3s in his winning run. He was joined on the podium by Connor Labbett in second and Michael Shoreman in third.