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World Snowboarding Championships Official Website Online!


The official website of the World Snowboarding Championships is now online!! Visit to know more about qualification criteria, news, riders bio and even more. WSC Qualified Riders The first wave of qualified riders for the upcoming inaugural World Snowboarding Championship in Oslo 2012 is official. All TTR World Tour Champions from the last three years are eligible to compete in all disciplines at the WSC 2012. This includes three times champ Peetu Piiroinen (TTR World Champ 2009/10/11), Jamie Anderson (TTR World Champ 2011), Enni Rukajarvi (TTR World Champ 2010) and Kelly Clark (TTR World Champ 2009). In addition to our World Tour Champions all six star winners from the last 53 weeks prior to Monday, January 16th, 2012 are eligible to compete in the discipline in which they won the title for. You or your favorite rider not on the list? This is how to qualify : TTR World Ranking Quota Male riders ranked 50 or higher, and female riders ranked 30 or higher, on the TTR Halfpipe World Ranking or Slopestyle World Ranking will be automatically eligible to compete in the respective discipline they qualify for. The cut-off date for qualification into the 2012 event will be Monday, January 16th, 2012. WSF Nations Quota Each WSF member Nation is entitled to qualify one rider for both men and women in each discipline. Therefore, each nation is entitled to a maximum of 4 spots and will need to use a national event, such as a national championships event, or a national criteria approved by the WSF Event Committee, to qualify riders. All national quota spots for the 2012 event need to be announced by the National Snowboard Associations no later than Monday, January 16th, 2012. If one or several riders are already eligible to compete through one of the other qualification criteria, the open spot falls to the best national rider not yet qualified based on the defined national qualification criteria. Wild Cards The organizing committee of the World Snowboarding Championships is entitled to qualify two additional competitors in each discipline for men and women (eight total wild cards) which all need to be approved by TTR/WSF.