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World Snowboarding Championships 2012 Movers & Shakers


The WSC 2012 ranking does several flips and moves whenever there is a TTR-event. Who did the wildest jumps on the charts so far this season, and who can we expect to see at The World Snowboarding Championships in February?

Who’s safe, who’s in, who’s hot and who’s not. 31 riders already have their priorities for the winter straight, but let’s take a look at the ups and downs on the qualification charts and see who did the most noticeable moves so far this season.

Halfpipe Men:

Mason Aguirre have been jumping from #120 to #42 on the rankings since august 11th Flying 78 positions up. That’s quite a gap for the American pipe master. Japanese rider Eiju Hirano  bumped up 65 places, from #108 to #43, leaving 65 positions behind. As for now, they’re both qualified, but the upcoming month is packed with TTR halfpipe events.
Watch out for: Swiss Gian Simmen! Still going strong. The fountain of youth is currently ranked as #40, which means he’s in the loop.

Halfpipe Women:

US Rider Hannah Teter went from a “you’re not even close” #72 to a “you’re definitely qualified” #17. Considering her history of winning halfpipe contests she also belongs in the “watch out for” section. Polish rider Katarzyna Rusin also did a quite impressive leap from a #54 to a #20, clearing the criteria with 10 positions, so far.
Watch out for: Ellery Hollingsworth, US. Moving up 29 positions from a #39 to #10 on the ranking. (…and Hanna Teter)

Slopestyle Men:

Norwegian “used to be wonder kid but suddenly grew up” Ståle Sandbech, moved up 18 positions from a #37 to a #19 and is, considering his bs 1440’s in Beijing, heading further up the charts before the qualification cut off-date January 23rd. Tyler Flanagan from the US have been climbing 13 positions. He was already among the top 50, as #42, but it’s still worth putting your gloves together for.

Watch out and be careful: Tore Holvik. The Norwegian fell down 6 positions and is now in a #51, knocking on the door to get back in. Exciting times ahead.

Slopestyle Women:

Cheryl Maas, the flying Dutchwoman, known for going big, sometimes taking hard slams just to get right back on the horse again. Up 19 positions from #46 and straight into the qualification zone as a #27. Czech rider Sarka Pancochova made her way from #36, sliding past the top 30 limit and into a #20. Your average mathematics teacher would say that’s a difference of 16, and quite an achievement.

Watch out for: Ty Walker from the US. Apparently not old enough to know what fear is all about yet.