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Women Pushing Progression At The 6Star Oakley Arctic Challenge


Jamie Anderson, USA, winner of the 6Star Oakley Arctic Challenge. “I think it’s huge to have women snowboarding here at the Arctic Challenge, I mean it’s such an amazing event. To be part of it is rad and just shows the progression of women’s snowboarding to see this size of the course that we are hitting. All the girls rode really good and I’m so happy to be part of it. ” Spencer O’Brien, 2nd Place at the 6Star Oakley Arctic Challenge: It’s really important that we’ve been invited to the Arctic Challenge. It’s such an important event for snowboarding, run by Terje, everybody’s snowboarding hero. So it’s really really awesome to be here for the women’s event. To be invited and to do well. I’m glad that everybody rode really well and I think we