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Will We See 10M In Innsbruck?


It was really warm out today, highly irregular for the beginning of February in the Austrian Alps, but that didnt stop the riders from getting in some training on the Quarterpipe the day before the Billabong Air & Style in Innsbruck.Despite the high winds, riders were still going huge, reaching 7 and 8 m. The question is, will we see any of the riders break Terje Haakonsens Quarterpipe record of 9.8 m? Jack Mitrani seems to think so claiming that hes trying to go for that 20m mark.” Optimism is always a good thing so well just have to wait and see what happens. Later in the day TTR caught up with former pro rider Ingemar Backman from Sweden. Back in 1991, Ingemar set a world record Quarterpipe height of 8.5 m that went down as one of the sickest airs in the history of snowboarding. Ingemar recently heard about the Air & Style going down in Innsbruck and decided to come and check things out: Ingemar Backman showin’ support. (C) TTR photo. So how do you feel about being back at Air & Style and back in Innsbruck? Well I havent been here since ‘99, the last Air & Style here in Innsbruck, since it started this feels like the place where air & style belongs. Its where it all started, the whole thing! And youve had some good results in the past Air & Style, is it a special competition for yourself in that regard? Yeah some of its good. Two times I have won, 94 and 98. But every time it is a good event, and there are always a lot of good riders. Regarding the setup and the quarterpipe, it used to be a jump and a quarterpipe, now they need the whole in run for such a big transition. What are your thoughts on bigger transition Quarterpipes? Well it seems like a good quarterpipe. It takes time to get used it though, but so far since Ive tried it feels really good, one of the best pipes Ive seen and tried. Will we see someone go over 10 m? Its possible. It depends on the conditions and the wind. But if conditions are good, I think its for sure possible cause the crowd here in Innsbruck, they are great and that can definitely help you go big. Top: Manuel Pietropoli. Bottom: Kim Rune Hansen. (C) TTR Photo. Were super stoked for what already has been a great day of Quarterpipe riding, but rest assured, Saturday night is going to be explosive. Check out the TTR Video Player for some hilarious behind-the-scenes footage as well as the whole event on . Just maybe, well see someone hit that 10m, so hold on to your hats, ‘cause the Billabong Air & Style Quarterpipe Session is going to be off the wall!