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What’S Happening In The German And Austrian Snowboard Scene?


With the Air & Style coming up in Austria and Elias Elhardt kicking a*** on the Tour, I started thinking about the snowboard scene in those two countries mentioned. Also, if you are capable of the German language, you may have noticed that the German snowboarding scene, especially the Olympic team, has been in the spotlight in the media lately (like the article of FAZ you see above).Why? Well….because apparently there is no German snowboarding scene???!!! Prove me wrong, but at least this seems to be the opinion of some skiing guys that sit in some pretty powerful positions and who, apparently don’t give a darn about supporting the sport and its young athletes. Or how can a country with such a great interest in the sport and so many fans of snowboarding not have a whole lot of successful riders out there at the comps. Austria is the same I guess, especially in regards to the upcoming Olympics: neither Germany nor Austria have a halfpipe hopeful in place. I mean riders like Silvia Mittermueller and David Benedek from Germany, the Aesthetiker crew, Julia Baumgartner, Lisa Filzmoser from Austria and loads more…they are rocking it but mainly in Slopestyle! And still they are underrepresented in the mainstream especially.Again WHY????? No good possibilities to practice (halfpipe especially), are the good riders mainly going for photoshoots or are we (as in: I am German, too, as you might have guessed by now) simply not good enough??!! I hope to explore this question a lil bit more over the season so watch out for some more blogs coming out. And those of you that are not interested in this topic – go and read another blog :-)