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Was Reaches Out To Snowboard Community And Adresses The Ioc


WAS, the movement started by 7 of the worlds most elite snowboarders has reached out to the snowboard community to voice their opinion about the Olympic qualification process . There has been much talk and objection to the FIS controlled Olympic slopestyle qualification process since the announcement by the IOC. The riders and members of ” We Are Snowboarding ” are now taking action by asking everyone in the snowboard community to write a letter to the IOC. These are their words: People always ask us… “What can I do to help?” Here is the best way to get involved. Every member of WAS is helping to get this message to the IOC. You should to. Step 1- Print this letter, Step 2- Mail this letter, Step 3- Let us know you sent it. It costs less then a dollar and takes very little time. Will you HELP WAS get the message across to the IOC? We want a fair chance to be heard. Give us that chance! Print the letter and take action !