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Warm Up Sessions In Norway


After almost a 20 hour drive starting in Austria, making our way through five countries and a dark, all-consuming fog, the rest of the TTR crew safely made it up to Norway just in time for the warm up and training sessions at the SIX(6)STAR Oakley Arctic Challenge. Tuesday was the first day of practice. Greeted with some good weather to start things off, riders were liking the transition going head first into the testing phase. Some Big Airs were stomped along with some more technical tricks including some fresh 9s from Risto.Today, things were toned down a bit due to some intimidating fog that took the visibility down to pretty gnarly levels. For those watching down by the Quarterpipe itself, the only signs of a rider dropping in were the sounds of boards and edges scraping on snow, that is until they came into view booking it straight towards the carefully sculpted transition.Fredrik Scuderi of Norway seems to be carrying his momentum from his win at the THREE(3)STAR DnB NOR Arctic Open last weekend that qualified him for the SIX(6)STAR Oakley Arctic Challenge. Scuderi was going huge with some more-than-stylish chuck flips and solid airs. Expect some big things from him in the qualis.