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Ty Walker & Seamus Oconnor Claim Burton European Open Junior Halfpipe Titles


The 12th Burton European Open continued on Sunday with the Junior Halfpipe event. 57 of the youngest shredders in the BEO made their way up to Crap Sogn Gion at LAAX this morning to drop into the perfectly shaped Halfpipe. Ty Walker (USA) claimed her 2nd victory this weekend while Seamus OConnor (IRL) repeated his Halfpipe win from last years BEO. Like the event yesterday it was amazing to see the set of skills these young riders already have at their age. Riding the huge Laax pipe is no easy task for most mini shreds, but the level of riding seems to explode every season. Three runs in the finals determined the winner, with the best run counting. In another sensational performance, Ty Walker took home her 4th BEO career title and her 2nd of this years event. She clearly dominated the girls Halfpipe event today proving she is as strong on transitions as she is on jumps & rails. In her best run she did a big frontside air, a backside 540 mute grab, a frontside 360, cab 360, finishing up with an air to fakie. Ty couldnt be any happier: Im really happy to win the Halfpipe event for the first time. I try to progress from year to year and I keep pushing myself. Seamus OConnor was the big winner of the Junior Halfpipe for the 2nd year in a row, battling it out with David HablEtzel (SUI) in 2nd and Tim-Kevin Ravnjak (SLO) in 3rd. Seamus winning run included a frontside 540, a huge backside air, a frontside 900 tail grab, a backside 900 indy grab and a frontside air on the last hit. Seamus had this to say: Im feeling great. I did a frontside 9 backside 9 combo the first time in a contest! I am really happy I could land it and to get first, because its very important for my career to win here. It makes me confident to go on! This was the pinnacle event for the youngest BEO competitors (10 – 14 years old), who were clearly demonstrating that they will challenge the stars of the sport very soon. Watch out for the future of Snowboarding! Junior Halfpipe Finals Girls:1. Ty Walker (USA), Roxy, 84.332. Tamara Beutler (SUI), Zimtstern, 76.003. Verena Rohrer (SUI), ONeill, 74.67 Junior Halfpipe Finals Boys:1. Seamus OConnor (IRL), Nike 6.0, 92.832. David HablEtzel (SUI), Burton, 90.503. Tim-Kevin Ravnjak (SLO), Burton, 89.33