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Two Days Left To Submit Your Swatch TTR Trophy Design!! Read About Last Years Winner


Only two days remain for designers and snowboarders to submit their own design of the 2011/12 Swatch TTR World Tour Champion trophy. Once the submission deadline closes on April 15th, 2011, all the designs will be reviewed by a panel of distinguished judges and the winner will be announced during the TTR General Assembly at the Art Rules Night in Stockholm, Sweden on May 27th, 2011. The winner of the Art Rules design contest will not only join in on the Art Rules Night festivities where the new trophy design will be unveiled, but will also win a two-week trip to Shanghai, China including travel costs, accommodation and spending money for two people.For complete Art Rules details and to submit your own design, head to TTR crew caught up with last year’s Art Rules winner, Axelle Dorado, to see what she is up to, her thoughts on Art Rules and to see how her trip to Shanghai was. Check out the Q&A with Axelle below:What’s your background in arts? What is your current occupation? Axelle Dorado: I finished my Bachelor of Science in product design and engineering last year. It included some design courses, which is something I have always been passionate about and I spend lot of my spare time designing and creating. Now I work on designing and developing watches in Chaux-de-fonds in Switzerland, where I started last fall. What inspired your winning trophy design?AD: I wanted to design something simple that embodied the gesture and emotion that takes place in sports at the moment of the athlete winning a trophy – the kiss of joy. I first came up with the concept and then I developed the design. What did it mean to you to design the trophy for the TTR World Snowboard Tour?AD: I am very proud to know that the worlds best snowboarders have received and held the trophy in their hands, which was designed by me. I find the snowboad world really cool and I am very honored to have made my mark in the field. Being from Switzerland, how does it feel to have a Swatch watch in the shops with your design? AD: I am super happy about that, and on top of it all I really love the Swatch brand, which I find really original and I am very happy to have been able to collaborate with them for this watch.What where your first thoughts when you heard that you had won the competition? AD: I could not believe it, and when it sunk in and the surprise settled down i was really happy.What was your experience like at the award ceremony in Barcelona at the TTR General Assembly in May 2010? AD: It was a really great ceremony. TTR and Swatch had really organized a beautiful party and I was really enchanted tomeet the snowboard stars in person. What would you say to the designers this year as advice?AD: Tell a story with the trophy and work towards a strong concept that will make the trophy come alive. Tell us about your holiday trip to Shanghai? AD: It was really a great voyage, we saw many breathtaking sights and met very interesting people. Thank you for allowing me to discover this beautiful city. I really want to go back there. Did your life change after winning this competition in any way?AD: This competition really encouraged me to work with my creativity and proved to me that I am capable. Over the last year I have started a new venture on my spare time to create shoes, and I hope to be able to continue developing my ideas and hopefully one day perhaps produce them.