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TTR/ WSF European Judge Session 2012


Ticket to Ride Pro Snowboarding (TTR)  and The World Snowboard Federation (WSF) are pleased to be hosting ‘The TTR/WSF European Judge Session’ in Flims/Laax, Switzerland from October 12th to 14th 2012.

This session will consist of the ‘National Judge Session’ which will take place on day one (12th) and two (13th), as well as the ‘International Pro Judge Session’ on day three (14th). The overall goal is to improve the judging both of regional and high level events.

The National Session is geared towards 1 to 3 Star regional level events with focus on judging and judge training. It also includes training on the running of freestyle events, as well as judging systems and formats.

The International Judging session will allow Judges further hone their skills in areas required by high level events such as large field sizes, progressive formats, working with TV production and head judge strategies.

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