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Ttr Tv Favorites 07/08


I just came up with the idea to do a “favorite video blog” browsing through the dozens of clips that were created this past season. Lots of memorable shoots and edits, but we selected a couple of jewels you might have missed in 07/08. Click and check what were some of the moments captured on the world tour… – just this song (from the TAC soundtrack performed by Mr. Henning Anderson and his band), the interview with Kevin and the QP action, connecting the dots in the tour – the pure energy of this piece is just sick! – super mellow interview with Finch about his career, going big and why he started in snowboarding in the first place… – some might bitch about the music others love it – who cares, what a run! – without words – wooooo, woooo, woooooohoooooooooyeeeeeeaaaah – Travis warms up with a life size stairmaster (or how to master dodging questions and turn any interview your way) – Scotty our man to host the TTR show in the future…? (One might get the impression Mitrani was actually not kidding considering what happened at the comp…)Any other clip you might see worth adding to the list?Go ahead and comment in the section below!AP.S.: With the new season starting in NZ in a couple of days there will be audio-visual updates available on the web site quicker than you can catch a sheep.