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Ttr Ranking Predictions For The 5Star Nz Open Halfpipe


Never has the Swatch TTR 5Star Burton NZ Open seen such a rider list for the Halfpipe Finals that will go down in Wanaka tomorrow morning. With Shaun White, Peetu Piiroinen, Jamie Anderson, Kelly Clark and Cheryl Mass no less than 5 former and current TTR World Champions will be competing in the pipe besides halfpipe legends like Danny Kass, Masion Aguirre, Scotty Lago, Antti Autti, Danny Davis and many many more. Even riders like Torstein, Seb Toots and Charles Reid that usually prefer booters to transition riding are on the start list. A Swatch TTR Season has never started with such a fulminant battle – here are the chances of the attending riders to shake the world ranking.And don’t forget to check the NZO event bio page and the Live Webcast page for further information. You can download the sheets here