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TTR Pro Snowboarding Welcomes Slopestyle To The Olympics


TTR Pro Snowboarding and the TTR World Snowboard Tour applauds the IOC´s decision to include Slopestyle Snowboarding in the program of the 2014 Olympic Winter Games to be held in Sochi, Russia.  The TTR World Snowboard Tour hosts over 100 slopestyle competitions with more than 2500 riders competing every season and, as an organization, the TTR is happy to see snowboarding taking an even greater role in the world of sports.

Reto Lamm, President of TTR:  “It’s great to see that slopestyle was added as an Olympic sport.  Snowboarding represents today’s youth and has influenced the Olympic movement since its introduction in Nagano in 1998.  By adding snowboard slopestyle to the Olympic Winter Games, the IOC positions a second freestyle snowboard format on the stage of the worlds most important sports.  Slopestyle has played a huge role in the athletic development of our sport for over a decade and TTR events have been the most influential and innovative driving force behind this development.  For the sake of the riders and snowboarding as a sport, the TTR is looking forward to develop strategies with the FIS to integrate the world’s premier independent  TTR World Tour snowboard events into the qualification system for the Olympic Winter Games.  A joint task force between TTR, FIS and riders was recently formed  to come up with solutions in a common environment.”

Integrating slopestyle into the Olympic sports program marks another historic milestone in the development of freestyle snowboarding. The TTR is looking forward to continue supporting slopestyle riders by providing a slopestyle tour with the most progressive events in the world.