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Ttr Predictions: Who Will Be The Tour Leader After The 5Star Nz Open?


The Men’s Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour title just went to Finland’s Peetu Piiroinen at the US Open in Stratton last weekend. But the TTR Tour is far from over for the girls as the 6Star Roxy Chicken Jam will rock Mammoth next weekend. Jamie Anderson, the women’s Tour Leader for the longest time in competitive snowboarding’s history, injured herself badly and will unfortunately not be able to compete anymore and defend her 07/08 TTR World title this year. (Props to an amazing season to Jamie – Get better very soon!!).Jamie’s no show has serious consequences on the title race. As you can see below there are only 5 (!) more girls that are able to get more points than Jamie at the RCJ, with 2 x 1000 points available for HP and SS. Therefore the riders in contention for the title are: Lisa Wiik Silvia Mittermueller Kjersti Buaas Cheryl Maas (05/06 TTR Champion) Kelly Clark For further more detailed information please contact: RANK NAME COUNTRY SCORE # RES. MAX. SCORE INFO 1 Anderson, Jamie USA 821,35 7 956,79 injured 2 Wiik, Lisa NOR 785,99 7 863,09 TOP 5 3 Candrian, Sina SUI 746,88 7 852,75 not there 4 Mittermueller, Silvia GER 719,1 7 852,9 TOP 5 5 Pancochova, Sarka CZE 690,73 7 803,29 TOP 5 6 Hollingsworth, Ellery USA 669,84 7 788,03 — 7 Buaas, Kjersti NOR 659,45 5 945,16 TTR Title 8 Maas, Cheryl NED 651,58 6 854,76 TOP 5 9 Clark, Kelly USA 644,77 5 930,48 TTR Title 10 Karlinski, Jordie USA 597,25 7 731,98 — 12 O`Brien, Spencer CAN 582,12 7 772,27 — 13 Sladics, Chanelle USA 531,3 6 779 — 19 Bright, Torah AUS 405,4 3 691,12 Only 5 res. As they have the highest potential score (calculating with 2000 points), it’s between Kjersti and Kelly for the title, Kjersti having better chances with a higher maximum score and better Slopestyle skills Example: Kjersti can finish TOP5 in both formats and wins if Kelly wins the HP and 8th in SS Other girls in the game for TOP5: Lisa Wiik, Silvia Mittermueller and Cheryl Maas (who could all potentially still win the Tour) Why are Kjersti and Kelly the 2 title contenders having a lot less point than Jamie and Lisa? They are also not even in the TOP 5 right now. Well, with only 5 out of 7 results, they are called “sleepers”, as they have the potential to jump up into the TOP spot at the last minute after hiding in the lower areas of the ranking till the very last minute (just like Shaun White, as he most often gets his 7th TTR 6Star result at the US Open). 06/07 TTR Champion Torah Bright will not be able to close the gap anymore as she currently only holds 3 results and 7 are necessary to accumulate the full ranking score (the best 7 results are taken and devided by 7). So Kelly and Kjersti are the 2 riders with the highest ability to win the Swatch TTR title 08/09 and Kjersti has a slight advantage in slopestyle (Her average statistical finish in SS at TTR events is 6th and HP is 8th while Kelly’s is 13th in SS and 3rd in HP). If we take the average finish and use it as it was next weekend Kjersti would have 888 points while Kelly would have 873 (again this is statistics and not snowboarding – but statistics can be pretty accurate).Check out what went down between Jamie, Torah and Kelly last year in Mammoth: The possible scenarios for the 6Star Halfpipe comp are as follows: RANK NAME COUNTRY AGE 6STAR Roxy Chicken Jam HP 1st Jamie Anderson USA 18 Could be bumped out from the World Nr. 1 spot only if Lisa places 1st 2nd Lisa Wiik NOR 29 Could take Tour Lead if she places 1st; stays 2nd otherwise 4th Silvia Mittermueller GER 25 Fights with Sina, Kelly, Kjersti and Cheryl for the World Nr. 3 spot 5th Sarka Pancochova CZE 19 Could move down in the TOP 10 even if places on podium 6th Ellery Hollingsworth USA 17 Could move down in the TOP 10 even if places on podium 7th Kjersti Buaas NOR 26 Fights with Sina,Kelly, Silvia and Cheryl for the World Nr. 3 spot 8th Cheryl Maas NED 24 Fights with Sina,Kelly, Silvia and Kjersti for the World Nr. 3 spot 9th Kelly Clark USA 25 Fights with Sina, Silvia, Kjersti and Cheryl for the World Nr. 3 spot 16th Elizabeth Beerman USA 17 Could improve her TOP 20 position 19th Torah Bright AUS 22 Could improve her TOP 20 position For further more detailed information please contact: