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Ttr O’Neill Evolution Kicks Off In Style!


Heavy snow arrived this morning at the 6 star TTR O’Neill Evolution in Davos, but did not stop the riders’ from locking down the Big Air and Rail event. At times, the fresh snow created speed issues, but did little to dampen the level as British rider, Billy Morgan, put down the score of the day with a double backside rodeo to Gapped Cab 270 on the kinked rail. It’s hard to imagine how hard it is snowing but due to immense efforts by all, the first round of qualifications were completed on schedule. The night final lights were illuminated all day to try and assist with visibility for the riders’. In a two-run, best run counts format, the top 10 riders from each heat made it through to round 2 of Men’s Qualification. Some of the runs of the day, as scored by the judges, included: HEAT 1: Sven Thorgren (SWE) – Backside Double Cork 1080 to Gapped Stalefish to Nose Press Jamie Nicholls (GBR) – Backside 540 Crail to Grapped Cab 270 to Frontside Boardslide Ethan Morgan (GER) – Frontside 720 Tailgrab to Frontside Tail Slide on the down rail HEAT 2: Markus Mathis (SUI) – Backside Double Cork 1080 mute to Frontside tail slide to revert on the wall Petja Piiroinen (FIN) – Backside Double Cork 1080 mute to Frontside 50-50 on the wall Emil Ulsletten (NOR) – Frontside 1080 Melon to Frontside Tail Blunt to 270 out on the down rail HEAT 3: Billy Morgan (GRB) – Double Backside Rodeo to Cap Cab 270 on the kinked rail Ville Uotila (FIN) – Frontside 1080 Mute to Gapped Backside Lip Slide Rocco Van Straten (NDL) – Backside Double Cork 1080 to Frontside Boardslide on the down rail Congratulations to all from TTR! Don’t miss the live webcast right here on . Haven’t seen the course yet? Then check this video out below that introduces the setup on the mountain.