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Training Day At Six(6)Star Oneill Evolution; Live Webcast For Finals


It is freezing here in Davos, Switzerland where riders have started their practice runs on the massive Halfpipe and one behemoth of a Quarterpipe for the third Swatch TTR SIX(6)STAR event. So far things are running smoothly as riders are becoming familiar with the new set up. We caught up with Sandro Wirth, Technical Director for ONeill Evolution, who gave us the low-down on the construction of each feature:The shaping this year went pretty well, because early on we had a lot of snow. It was quite cold even a month ago so they were able to make a lot of snow even during the night. They also added extra length at the starting gate of the pipe. So this year the pipe is approximately 20 m longer than the year before. That means, last year we had between 4 and 5 hits, and now they can go for sure between 5 and 6 hits which is actually perfect for a TTR SIX(6)STAR event. Also with the quarterpipe a lot of changes have been made with special preparations such as the scaffolding to get the needed height, without building the entire thing with snow. The riders arrived yesterday for the training and so far with the shape of the halfpipe and the shape of the quarterpipe, they really like it and are really stoked to be here. Current Swatch TTR World No. 5 Chas Guldemond was getting some decent amplitude and a few tweaks in during the pipe practice session, and seemed to be enjoying the set up as well:Well, today is the second practice day on the pipe. The shape is good, and the kink at the bottom is getting worked out. The suns coming out, finally! It takes a while for it to get over these big mountains. Things are good and were just taking it easy. Were just taking our time, getting a feel for the pipe and trying to work out the transitions.Coming back from an injured shoulder, Antti Autti was also getting a feel for the pipe. Having missed the first two SIX(6)STAR events, Antti will need to step it up here in Davos to earn some much needed ranking points. This afternoon however, He was just focusing on riding well:”Im always having fun but I really want to ride good you know? I havent been riding pipe since New Zealand pretty much so I really want to get back into it again. Last year I did really well, so Ill ride pipe for the championships again. Well see if I get some TTR points but right now I just want to land my stuff.”Things are looking great for the finals, of which well see the big dogs and qualifiers face off in the Halfpipe on Friday, and on the Quarterpipe on Saturday. Tim Humphreys (USA) will also be taking the place of Andre Kuhlmann (GER) as one of the 16 seeded riders due to illness. All of the semifinals and finals will be shown live on and www.freecaster.TV. Riders List:Antti Autti (FIN)Chas Guldemond(USA)Markku Koski (FIN)Markus Keller (SUI)Iouri Podladtchikov (SUI)Janne Korpi (FIN)Mathieu Crepel(FRA) Henning Marthinsen (NOR)Gigi Rueff (AUT)Andy Finch(USA)Risto Mattila(FIN)Nicolas Mueller(SUI)Fredi Kalbermatten (SUI)Tim Humphreys (USA)Eirik Haugo (NOR)Werner Stock (AUT)More information