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Thrilling Day At The Semifinals Of The 6Star Oakley Arctic Challenge


The mens semi-finals at The Oakley Arctic Challenge turned out to be a thriller to the very end, and Jamie Anderson once again confirmed her position as the worlds best female rider.Fair and squareThe format of the semi-finals sent the four best men from each of the two heats directly to the finals at The 6Star Oakley Arctic Challenge taking place at the Tryvann Vinterpark in Oslo, Norway. The two remaining spots available in the finals were decided with the next best scores from both heats outside of the top four. After heat one, Zack Stone and Sven Thorgren were ranked fifth and sixth but had to wait and see if their scores would hold up through the second heat. Some impressive riding went down in heat two with Sage Kotsenburg throwing down a smooth run to take the ninth place in the finals. And, during all of the second heat, Zack Stone still had a score high enough to enter the finals until Mark McMorris powered through the pressure and snatched up his ticket to the finals on his last run.The unofficial best trick of the day that rendered both the announcers and riders speechless was Sage Kotsenburgs Cab 1260 double cork. Switch backside supergirl Jamie Anderson greased the first monster hit with a switch bs 540 after warming up with a switch bs 180. Jenny Jones and Spencer OBrien put on a powerful display on the direction of female riding, along with Cheryl Maas, Kjersti Buaas and Thea Stenshagen. 13-year old, Ty Walker, ended up seventh and just missed the finals, but she will have plenty of opportunities in the years to come based on her high speed entry in the TTR World Tour.Surprise surpriseThe riders turned themselves and the predictions of who would make it to the finals upside down. Despite landing a perfect Cab 900 double cork, favourite, Mark McMorris, barely made it to the finals. Ethan Morgan nailed it and ended up with the highest score. Its no surprise that the forecast for tomorrow is calling for perfect snow conditions, sick riding, the worlds best available line up and even more surprises.Top 6 women – ready for the finals:1. Jamie Anderson (USA)2. Spencer O`Brien (CAN)3. Jenny Jones (UK)4. Cheryl Maas (NED)5. Kjersti Buaas (NOR)6. Thea Stenshagen (NOR)Men`s finalists:1. Ethan Morgan2. Tyler Flanagan3. Eric Willett4. Ulrik Badertscher5. Chas Guldemond6. Gjermund Braaten7. Per iver Grimsrud8. Sage Kotsenburg9. Seppe Smits10. Mark Mcmorris