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Think You Got What It Takes To Design A Board Graphic?


So you want to drive around in a sick new 4X4 Suzuki, leaving all those tourists in your dust on the steep and windy mountain roads and getting the first chair? Heres what you got to do:Log onto and begin designing an original snowboard graphic. The contest is open to anyone and everyone, but make sure you got what it takes to win. Sketch, paint, colour, shade…whatever you need to do. If the dudes and dudettes at Burton and Suzuki are stoked on your design, not only will you win a board with your graphic, but youll also get your hands on a sweet new Suzuki Grand Vitara Freeride Edition thats pimped out in your same board graphic. Top designs will also win a Burton Goodie Bag which includes a backpack, t-shirts, videos, hats, touques (aka beanies) and posters signed by the pros. There are two deadlines left: January 31st and February 28th. During the first week of March 2008 a selected jury consisting of pro riders, board designers, artists and other experts will assess the Top 25 submissions and choose a winner based on imagination, innovation, originality and visual appeal of the designs.For more information check out the design competition website and get creative!Of course, TTR staff don’t miss opportunities like this to impress the world with our super-sick Photoshop skills, and, well, just because we can, we thought we would go one step further and actually get a mockup board made :p.