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Theliftline.Com Online Now With Top Notch Snowboard Videos


Burton have come out with an awesome new site that contains all the best video action and latest video news from the Burton Team. There are 6 different shows all with their own story to tell, whether its the behind the scene action, travel stories, sick snowboarding footage etc…It’s sweet design makes the viewing a pleasure and of course our favourite fact is that you can spot a ton of riders and events from the Swatch TTR Tour, like Peetu Piiroinen, Shaun White, Marko Grilc, Kazuhiro Kokubo, Kelly Clark and well you go and see for yourself… The different Channels are: Snow Porn: Traditional snowboard action footage The Big Picture: A behind-the-scenes look at team photo shoots Bangers & Mash: Bails, crashes, falls – what it really takes to get video parts Wild on B: Traditional DVD-extra style content Ad to Fakie: Burton commercials Time Travel: Real-time unedited clips We thought about doing another movie, but it felt like a steady flow of fresh content might be a better way to go,” says Jake Burton, Founder and CEO of Burton Snowboards. The intent of The Liftline is to keep riders current on what our team is up to on a continuous basis. Im sure there will be a learning curve, but it feels like a solid direction.” The Liftline will also feature unique editorial stories, random facts, competition results, interviews and giveaways throughout the season – all focused on the Burton team. In addition, feeds from Burton pro riders Twitter and Facebook pages along with RSS feeds from key snowboard news sites will also live here. To get in the game, head to and see for yourself.