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The Year 2009 – The Review


One of the most successful TTR seasons yet finished off in April 2009 with style and grace. We saw the big and established heroes stepping it up as usual (Peetu, Shaun, Kelly, Kjersti, Chas etc) and rookies taking over the scene (Sarka, Seppe, Elias, Arthur, Seb…). We saw some of the greatest TTR events becoming even better attracting thousands of spectators and fans. We saw Peetu Piiroinen and Kelly Clark taking home the Swatch TTR Tour Title. We saw SNOWBOARDING AT ITS BEST! Let’s see what 2010 has to offer now…doesn’t start off to bad with three 6Star events within two weeks I guess.Our Media Partner Onboard Magazine has put together a full review for 2009 – make sure to check out all three parts of it. The first part is available on