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The TTR World Snowboard Tour – General Assembly 2006


The successful execution of the 2005/2006 season began at last years General assembly in Hossegor France. Since then well over 1000 riders have received World Rankings, two TTR World Champions reign, with a star studded top 10 list biting hard at their heels and a global independently run tour consisting of no less than 30 events has been successfully completed. With the time ripe to look forward, refine guidelines, lockdown the calendar and distribute Star tiers to existing and newly interested event organizers, the 2006 General Assembly in Munich, Germany next week will define and conclude the launched of the next 2006/2007 TTR World Snowboard Tour. If you are rider, event organizer, mainstream or core media publication, tourism structure, industry or TTR activist the 11th – 14th May will be key dates for your presence and participation.Please note that the meetings at the TTR World Snowboard Tour General Assembly are split between CLOSED Board Meetings and OPEN Public and Presentation meetings. General Assembly Closed Board Meetings: