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The Swatch TTR Billabong Air & Style 09/Ii Bergisel Stadium Dresses Up For The Event


The Swatch TTR 6Star Billabong Air & Style snowboard event is only four weeks away. The event of the year will take place on 05.12.2009, at the Bergisel Stadium, will become one more time the mecca of all avid snowboard fans. The best snowboarders of the world will meet at the Swatch TTR Billabong Air & Style 09/II fighting for the Ring of Glory. Names like Travis Rice, Peetu Piiroinen, Antti Autti, Mikkel Bang or Pat Moore are the answer to the question about the sportive value of this happening Swatch TTR event. This time the musical entertainment is provided by the headliner The Hives and the Rap band from Berlin/ Germany K.I.Z.. 12.500 fans will be on site. All that are interested in being part should buy a ticket as soon as possible. The presale is going strong and a sold out Bergisel Stadium is just a matter of time. Construction works for the new setup have started at the Bergisel StadiumAlready since last week construction works are going on in the Bergisel Stadium. For the event in December there are two periods: from 04.11. till 10.11.09 and starting from 27.11. until 05.12. In the first phase the revision of the stadium lift, so there are no possibilities for visiting right now. Further because of the separation of the construction work the setup can be installed to the finished jumping facility. Tons of steel and snow are getting formed until 05.12.2009 in order to make the Swatch TTR 6star event happen and to put the level of snowboarding higher. With a total length of about 150 meters the setup is gigantic. 220 tons of steel are needed. A complex rope construction takes care that the inrun and the kicker are not damaging the landing hill because of their weight. Besides a faultless construction one more important issue is the snow. Right now the production is going on in Schmierntal, 1400 meters above sea level. The company Wintertechnik supports the Air & Style Company and provides the needed machinery. Until today 500 m