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The Real Reason Why The Roxy Chicken Jam Was Cancelled


It was a sad day for women’s snowboarding: in early December, the 6Star Roxy Chicken Jam Europe, one of the most popular events on the Swatch TTR Tour, was cancelled due to….strong winds??!!You all have heard of secret conspiracies that already were responsible for Kennedy’s assassination, Area 51, the moon landing and others? Well, it doesn’t end there and we can prove it: This year’s Chicken Jam trophies were deviously pinched by no other than some of snowboarding’s most powerful men: a former TTR employee who now resides in Costa Rica (wonder why?), the event organizer himself, and the master of shapers who is now trying to hide in China (at the Nanshan Open).With rumours about a hiding place in a castle nearby, the event organizers tried hard to get the trophy back all night without success.