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The Podladtchikov Connection


In typical TTR fashion, the crew was set up to begin the filming of Iouri Podladtchikovs TTR video profile along with some TV content. Iouri was in house when suddenly there was some loud music coming from outside the interview room. Generally speaking, we dont like it when stuff interferes. We opened the door and try to ask as politely as we can for the noise to decrease, but before we had a chance to stop anything, in comes TTRs CEO Drew Stevenson along with Iouris musically talented brother Igor Podladtchikov! They gave us a quick sneak preview of the duet that was to take place later in the evening after the quarterpipe qualifications. Im going to just lay it out there though: Drew is not the best singer. But he is entertaining, as his duet with Igor in the riders tent didnt seem to go on as planned with Drew forgetting his lines or simply just covering up the words on his lyric sheet with his thumb. Nevetheless, Igor put on a great set with a couple covers of Outkast and Radiohead only after a few of his own original and unique tunes. Usually Igor plays with a full band supporting him but instead performed solo with just his voice and guitar. It was cool stuff and certainly kept in tune with the competitions laid-back atmosphere. You can tell Igor has a natural gift for songwriting. Igors music is also featured in a special story and music project put together by 7th Sky magazine. An eclectic pool of individual singers and songwriters, both well-known and unknown were given a mission to write a song based on one of 11 stories written by various people involved in snowboarding and other board sport industries. Its an interesting concept that should not go unnoticed. Check out to read the stories and listen to the music.