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The Arctic Challenge Sound(Track)


Killing Machine has existed as a band since 9/11 2001 and has remained just as hardcore ever since. Although their name represents bad-image-hardcore-stuff, KM turned into a military-shot-out-band supporting the war AGAINST terrorism. Today, after 8 years of of solid heavy load music, doing about a 1000 gigs all over the world, the band has turned into a bunch of older musicians stuck in a smoky studio in eastern Norway. But we always come back. This year with a brand new 6Star song made by TAC`s CEO, Henning Andersen, supported by Techrider`s Thomas North, “On Tour Again”. Hope you guys enjoy it. See you back at The Arctic Challenge in Oslo! (if you can’t be there – watch the webcast) Download (right click) or listen to the song right here! Track Name: On Tour AgainAlbum: No AlbumArtist: Henning Andersen & The Killing MachineListen to last year’s performing band at the Oakley Arctic Challenge, the “Kristoff Anderson Band”, right here: