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Swatch TTR Three(3)Star Protest World Rookie Fest Hosts New Up-And-Comers


Livigno, Italy: As big international riders strut their stuff in the slopestyle at Laax and the pipe in Bardonecchia, over one-hundred young riders are preparing to let loose. The Swatch TTR THREE(3)STAR Slopestyle Protest World Rookie Fest hits the Livigno Mottolino Snowpark in Italy from Januray 18th to 22nd 2008 with an onslaught of rookie riders born post-1990 who can earn themselves a total of 550 TTR Ranking points.In its third year, the World Rookie Fest is the largest dedicated junior event in Europe and promises an incredible level of riding from snowboardings future super stars. Alongside the slopestyle competition, the event features a Pipe Traffic Jam, avalanche and rescue clinics, immense buffets, meetings with photographers and international team managers, a photo contest, and a big finale party. The Protest World Rookie Fest injects a lot of fun into the competition and highlights snowboard progression from a Rookie to Pro level; a founding principle of the Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour. Also recently announced, the event organizers from the Swatch TTR SIX(6)STAR Nokia Air & Style Munich are offering a ticket to next years Air & Style to the WSF World Rookie Champion 08. You can find the official web casting for the Protest World Rookie Fest in Livigno with daily reports, pictures, and video on,,,,,, and For more information check out,, and the TTR event profile. Protest World Rookie Fest Riders List:NAME YEAR NATIONALITYPATRICK DAVIS-MEEHAN 1990 AUSTRALIAMICHAELA DAVIS-MEEHAN 1992 AUSTRALIADAN PAULICEK 1993 CZECHDUSAN KRIZ 1995 CZECHKAROLINA DVORAKOVA 1990 CZECHSARKA PANCOCHOVA 1990 CZECHNIKI KORPELA 1991 FINLANDNIELS REGNIER 1994 FRANCEMATHIAS SCHOWING 1992 FRANCESIDNEY MOPEZAT 1992 FRANCEARTHUR NEY 1996 FRANCECHLOE ROBICHON 1991 FRANCEALICIA BONNAUD 1993 FRANCEEMMA BERNARD 1994 FRANCEVICTOR HABERMACHER 1996 FRANCETEO JEDREZJZYK 1996 FRANCEVICTOR DAVIET 1990 FRANCEFELIX CARLIER 1992 FRANCEANTHONY SIMERAY 1990 FRANCEMAXIME BERARD 1990 FRANCEMATHIAS MONIN 1991 FRANCEBAPTISTE MAGNANI 1991 FRANCEALEXIS PUYGRENIER 1991 FRANCETOM CUNY 1992 FRANCECECILE PARISOT 1990 FRANCELOU BOUMAZA 1990 FRANCELOU CHABELARD 1994 FRANCELUCILLE LE FEVRE 1993 FRANCEJESSE AUGUSTINUS 1995 HOLLANDBRITTE VAN DER POW 1990 HOLLANDMIKE KLUIVERS 1991 HOLLANDROCCO VAN STRATEN 1991 HOLLANDDIMI DE JONG 1994 HOLLANDGIORGIO CIANCALEONI 1991 ITALIAFRANCESCO BRUTTO 1992 ITALIAMARCO GRIGIS 1994 ITALIAMANUEL PIETROPOLI 1990 ITALIARUGGERO NACCARI 1990 ITALIABEN STEWART 1992 NEW ZEALANDKARI OPSAL MAELAND 1991 NORWAYSILJE NORENDAHL NORWAYSIMEN NERAKER NORWAYGJERMUND BRAATHEN NORWAYSONDRE TILER NORWAYEVEN SOLBRAA NORWAYALEKSANDER OESTRENG NORWAYINGAR VEBJOERNESEN NORWAYSIMON FOSSHEIM NORWAYFREDRIK PERRY NORWAYFREDRIK SCUDERI NORWAYLEN JOERGENSEN NORWAYEMIL ANDRE ULSLETTEN 1993 NORWAYJOHANNES SKOTTHEIN 1992 SWEDENZEBASTIAN LANDMARK 1991 SWEDENSVEN THORGREN 1995 SWEDENBENJAMIN LESTAGE-KONING SWEDENJOHANSSON MALIN 1990 SWEDENANTON BILARE 1991 SWEDENKEVIN BACKSTROM 1992 SWEDENJAKOB EDMAN 1990 SWEDENPHILIP LANDMARK 1992 SWEDENGIULIA BORSIA 1990 SWITZERLANDLARS BACHMANN 1992 SWITZERLANDJULIAN FURSINGER 1990 SWITZERLANDDOMINIK BETSCHART 1990 SWITZERLANDSTEPHAN REICHMUT 1992 SWITZERLANDJOEL MEIER 1991 SWITZERLANDAUSTRIA ROOKIE TEAM (6 riders)BELGIUM ROOKIE TEAM (6 riders)BARDONECCHIA ROOKIE TEAM (8 riders)