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Sony Ericsson Snowboard Fest In Slovakia


Once again I want east to check how does Slovakian do the snowboard contest. Apart from hard work on the event and delivering you the news from Drenica I had an opportunity to taste lots of different kinds of Slovakians bears. Of course most of the riders were from Slovakia, but also there shown many riders from Czech Republic and Poland. Among them there was one German rider (living in Saas Fee Switzerland) who really wanted to take home 550 Swatch TTR points and the joy of victory. Alessandro Boyens has this year mission to conquer central and eastern Europe. After finishing 3rd on BGV in Russia (+best trick winner) Alessandro came to the biggest snowboard completion in Slovakia. He told me that he loves atmosphere of events in this part of Europe and specially the after parties….On Sony Ericsson Snowboard fest he had to battle with hole bench of Slovakians, Czechs and Polish who are also eager to win this contest. Unfortunately the weather wasnt helping organizers at all. One week ago it was dumping with snow and conditions ware just perfest, however in last 3 days temperature went up and now its about + 8 C . shapers did there best and the kicker looked really good. Day before the event forecast wasnt very optimistic, clouds and plus 15 C. Organizers had many concerns, however on the event day it appeared that all the forecasts were wrong! And it was really sunny and temperature around 2 or 3 C although it was very windy!