TTR World Snowboard Tour

Points List

Seb Toots And Charles Reid Win Stairmaster 09


Much to the surprise of the winners both Charles Reid and Seb Toots now share the title of Stylewars Stairmaster 2009 and the cash – unfortunately however, no TTR competition points were available. When it came down to tabulating the results the judges had both coming in evenly on top after the 30 min session.We had the option of running a super final (but the audio had unfortunately just died to the mic, the rail set up was being packed up and the public were leaving to the bar) or flipping a coin for the winner. The judges discussed style over tricks (as they both threw down each gap option around) and when it came down to it the two French Canadians were just too close to give it to one over he other. Not one person at the event has said that one was obviously better than the other and both had insanely smooth style and ridiculously tech tricks.