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Scandic Domination At Protest World Rookie Fest 2009 In Livigno


One of the biggest competitions for upcoming snowboarders just came to an end: the Protest World Rookie Fest – the first stop of several 5 international heats and smaller regional heats all around the globe. And it also in this league of snowboarders the dominating riders came from Scandinavia. SCANDIC DOMINATION AT PROTEST WORLD ROOKIE FEST 2009 IN LIVIGNOStaale Sandbech is the champion of the Swatch TTR 3star Protest World Rookie Fest 2009 in Livigno, Italy, thanks to a sick run including huge bs7, fs7 and fs 1080. Norway resulted in the best team and, as it was in past editions, the general level of tricks and infrastructures in this event make it seems more a professional snowboard contest than an international junior meeting: the set up included 3 different lines 3 huge jumps about 20m long while 1080 rotations were the standard tricks of the top 10 riders in the finals. The event started on sunday’s training in one of the biggest park of the Alps: the Swatch Snowpark Mottolino in Livigno. Since day 1 an high level of riding was showed with sick runs including rotations 7 and 9 from the big names of the event: Dimi de Jong, Staale Sandbach, Teddy Koo and many others. At 12.00 a.m. wind comes and stopped the trainings on the jumps but the rookies arranged immediatly a rail session on the first obstacle of the slope: a huge 25 stairs with straight and kinked rails.On Monday 19th, the judges, including the Pirate riders Joki Koeffler, saw one of the best qualification ever seen in a World Rookie Fest. Joki stated to be really stoked from the level of riding he saw in Livigno. The scandic riders were all extremely good conquering 12 of the 16 spot for the finals, but the ducthes Rocco Van Straaten and Dimi De Jong resulted the best in both Rookie and Grom categories. Rocco hitted the pro line with an amazing run including of bs9, cab9 and bs10, while Dimi killed the large line with a progression from 720 to 1080 resulting the best Grom. Alicia Bonnaud from France resulted the best among the qualifing girls.Tuesday 20st the finals were postponed because of an heavy snow fall and the WRF crew enjoyed an unexpected day of powder which give even more positive feelings to this event. on Wednesday 22nd morning, even if someone didn’t think it was possible to re-shape a park under a meter of snow in only 1 night, on Wednesday 21nd morning the large line of the Swatch Snowpark Mottolino was ready to receive the best 16 male rookies, 8 male groms and 8 girls to start the challenge for tickets to Aesthetiker Wangle Tangle Gang Jam in Mayerofhen, the 4star Protest World Rookie Finals 2009 in Ischlg and Protest Surf Camp in Lacanau, France, including 300