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Sacre Bleu Arthur Longo Snowboardeur Extraordinaire


French Ripper, Arthur Longo is currently recognized as one of the hottest snowboard talents coming out of France. A rider who can dominate across all Swatch TTR contest formats, stomp big bangers when the camera is rolling and step up when the time counts – Arthur truly ticks all the boxes when it comes to being a shredder extraordinaire. In season 08/09, Longo has solidified his reputation as Frances best rider since Mathieu Crepel, and at 20 years old, this kid is just getting started.Arthur grew up in the French shred zone of Les Deux Alpes, an area that has nurtured some of the brightest stars of the French scene. Nitro snowboards soon picked up the skilled young rider, and at just 15 he rocked onto the Swatch TTR Tour and started bagging shots in magazines. Under the wing of Julien Haricot, Mathieu Crepel and the rest of the Psykopit Crew, Arthur excelled his riding and soon after victories starting piling up. In the 06/07 season, he garnered respect for battling Terje Haakonsen (NOR) for the Highest Air at the 5Star ONeill Evolution. This proved to be just a taste of things to come as he then went on to take out the next Quarterpipe event he entered, the 5Star ONeill Pro Freestyle. With that, Volcom, Vans and Apo signed on and he was on his way to the top. Arthurs motivation stems from his pure love for the shred and rather than planning each contest, he just takes everything as it comes and goes with the flow. I just try to do well and have fun everywhere I go. I love travelling and shredding different things. When things go well, you just want to keep going. I think that I want to focus on filming and participate at couples of events, but maybe Ill change my mind tonight. Snowboarding is made up of many components, be it hiking the park, scoring shots on film, or dropping into gargantuan Quarterpipes. When Haakonsen and Co put the Swatch TTR together, the idea behind it was that riders need to embrace all facets of the sport, a notion that is embodied by Longo and the way he balances his commitments. Contests have helped me to build up my profile but I know its important to film and shoot in the backcountry, he says. At the start of winter, Arthurs profile skyrocketed when the video Yeahh Love premiered internationally. The video showcased Arthurs awe inspiring abilities in the backcountry and got everyone talking about the young gun from France.He went on to back up the hype during the season, proving that he could perform under pressure. First up he claimed his first major Slopestyle title, taking out the 5Star Crans-Montana Champs Open before heading to Norway where he stepped up to win the coveted 6Star Oakley Arctic Challenge. His performances locked him into the Swatch TTR Top 10.Whether he chooses to focus on contests or filming for the remainder of the season remains unknown – whatever the decision, 2008/2009 has been an epic season for the young modest shredder. With OIivier Gittler, Jean Jacques Roux and Arthur all on the Swatch TTR Tour, the future of French snowboarding is bright. Arthur is leading the French from the front and we will be seeing him on podiums and in shred flicks for many winters to come. Vive Le Roi Arthur Longo!