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Roxy Chicken Jam Goes Carbon Neutral – Extensive Interview With Event Organizer Matthias Hofmann


Its a foggy Wednesday afternoon in January. The Intercity Express train to Saalfelden, Austria is packed with girls travelling with boardbags and big backpacks. At the train station they get off with their luggage and enter several busses that are waiting for them to take them up to Saalbach-Hinterglemm. They seem a little tired from the long trip, but look relaxed, happy and smile in anticipation when they get off the bus in Hinterglemm to check into their energy efficient hotels. There is very tasty organic, locally produced food for dinner, which powers them for the three long days of hiking the park that lie ahead of them! Those girls are the worlds best female snowboarders and they are traveling to the Roxy Chicken Jam — 2020. Dont destroy what you came to enjoy!” – credo of the Quiksilver Foundation We write the year 2010 and only very few of the organizers, media or riders came by train and public transportation – among them Kjersti Buaas and Chanelle Sladics. The North Americans and riders from other continents had to take long-haul flights. Food was mostly not organic; overheated hotel rooms and diesel-guzzling snowcats far from energy efficient. At least no cars had to be used for the duration of the event as hotels, snow park and parties were all walking distance from anyones accommodation. After all there were some first very important steps towards a greener Roxy Chicken Jam. Its called going carbon neutral! And its about taking initiative and starting somewhere. And thats what the Roxy Chicken Jam 2010 was all about! It was one of the first carbon neutral boardsport events in Europe. Recent major events that have taken responsibility for their greenhouse gas emissions include: the 2007 Academy Awards, 2006 FIFA World Cup Soccer, and the Dave Matthews Band concert tour. The environmental leadership demonstrated by these events is helping to transform the event industry, with green initiatives quickly becoming an expected part of holding an event. Lets hope the snowboarding industry – highly dependent on the earths climate – starts leading by example. Austrian event organizer Matthias Hofmann went down this alternative road and offset all carbon emissions by buying into a project called SRARFI – Sudden Rush Atlantic Rainforest Institute. The Brazilian company was founded by Swiss event announcer and Sudden Rush owner Chris Bachmann in 2005 and is supported by ambassadors like Nicolas Mueller and Terje Haakonsen.