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Riders Push Through Cold At Bgv Fest


Oh what a journey, after leaving Innsbruck at night and departure from Munich at 7am I landed in Moscow around noon. It was just stop over, but Sheremietievo airport is a legend. The international terminal is probably as chaotic as any other airport in 12mln city. Unfortunately to get to Chelyabinsk I had to catch my flight in internal flight terminal. The problem is that its on the total opposite site of the airport, almost an half an hour by bus. Flight to Chelyabinsk is another couple of hours. From Chelyabinsk is another 4h drive to Magnitogorsk. Its an amazing scenery, after driving couple of hours you finally see the Ural mountains, dividing Europe from Asia. Although its -18 C you cant really feel it because due to very dry air (low humidity) and really sunny weather. Magnitogosk is an small but really nice resort and what is most important you can snowboard here till at least to midnight. BGV is Russian stays for Big/Grand Race of magazine Vibieray” – this magazine started BGV in 2002. Magazine Viberay” (something like English Time out – published in 25 biggest cities in Russia) BGV is the biggest Russian extreme sport event gathering all of the best Russian riders as well as some riders from Germany ,Finland and about 10 000 spectators (last year).