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Riders Arriving To Levi, Finland For The 4Star TTR Battery Catfight


A 4Star TTR World Tour event Battery Catfight is taking place in Levi, Finland this week. Battery Catfight program includes a 4Star TTR Burton Half Pipe – contest on Friday along with a Rail Jam in the evening. Cherry on the top, Levi will witness a catfight on Saturday when the girls get to compete for the champion title of the 4Star TTR Burton Slope Style competition.

Burton Slope Style winner goes home with a prize purse of $2000 and also gets a nice start for the upcoming season, hence Battery Catfight will be the first event to start the season 2012- 2013 for the TTR World Tour. TTR points collected from Battery Catfight will then be added to next season’s ranking.

In addition to the contests Battery Catfight is offering various side activities such as coaching and workshops throughout the week. This year Battery Catfight is also introducing a new competition format, Samsung video contest that encourages the riders to use space creatively. Team spirit is also required since the riders will work as teams. Ladies are divided into two teams: team International has riders such as Elena Köntz, Cecilia Larssen and Andrea Binkert while team Finland relies on the manouvers of Merika Enne and Ella Suitiala, who both represented in the TTR World Champs in Oslo.

On Friday evening we will find out if the International team consisting of three nationalities will beat the Finnish team on their own territory, when the edited video clips are shown to audience. The video contest rules advise the riders to unleash their imagination and use the best of the Levi area surroundings. Levi is located in the heart of Lapland, so there sure are plenty of fells and forests to explore!

And ladies aren’t the only ones who have heard the call of Lapland, since many Finnish pro riders have also found their way to Battery Catfight. Instead of competing, Peetu Piiroinen, Janne Korpi and Roope Tonteri among others will have to settle for the role of spectators in this all-girl event spectacle.

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