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Riders Arrive At Air & Style Beijing


While everyone awaits the start of the first TTR 6Star event of the season, the riders are getting ready to compete in the China Olympic Center Stadium on Saturday. The jump looks pretty massive and Scotty Lago explains: “Not as scary when you are up here as when you look from far. First you looking at it down here and it kind of looks super small, it does not look that poppy. Then you go up to 10 feet, then you are up top at the start and you are like ” Looks all right”…a little bit smaller than I thought, landing is super steep.” The group of riders also didnt miss out on experiencing the Chinese culture and had fun buying some cool souvenirs according to Scotty: “Day number three here…went to the Great Wall of China, Forbidden City, went shopping at the black market today, bought a black rhinasaurus..naah…heh, some super cheap shopping here” As the contest features a