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Qualification Cut-off Date for “WST Pro Series” (working title): August 22nd, 2014

At this year’s General Assembly in Barcelona, TTR Pro Snowboarding decided to restructure the World Snowboard Tour to deliver a stronger and more complete product for all riders, events, nations, and the industry as a whole. Under the new World Snowboard Tour 2.0, the current 6-Star levels will be replaced by a 4-tiered structure: Elite, International, National, and Regional. Elite events will comprise the WST Pro Series (working title). The Regional, National, and International levels of the WST 2.0 define the WST Qualifying Series (working title). Halfpipe, Slopestyle, and Big Air remain the disciplines for each tier.

The aim is to implement the new 4-tiered system for the 2014/2015 season. TTR is working with event organizers, nations, TV and marketing partners, industry stakeholders, and the Interim Riders Alliance Board to implement the World Snowboard Tour 2.0 by October 2014.

For the inaugural year of the WST Pro Series (working title), the rider field will be selected via the:

– World Snowboarding Points Lists (WSPL) in each discipline as of Friday, August 22nd
– Top 4 riders in the 2014 Winter Olympics per discipline
– Seasonal wildcards, panel-selected by the Rider Alliance Interim Board
– Specific event wildcards, at the discretion of the event organizer

Full details on the qualification protocol and wildcards will be released shortly.

August 22nd, 2014 is the WSPL points cut-off date to qualify for the WST Pro Series (working title). This date offers fairness and transparency, as we want to create equal opportunity for all riders in each discipline. Therefore, we have decided to exclude Southern Hemisphere Slopestyle contests in the WST Pro Series (working title) qualifying process. Note: the August 22nd cut-off date is prior to the Slopestyle events starting August 25th in Australia.

This past season, TTR implemented a protocol for injured riders to freeze their WSPL points. Due to tour restructuring, we have extended the deadline to submit an injury report to August 15th, 2014.

To retain the rider’s points standing during the period of injury, an injured rider must submit a medical certificate, signed by a medical doctor, no later than August 15th, 2014, stating:

– date of injury
– expected recovery period

to Fabia Grüebler (Global Tour Director),

For more details and additional information please check:


We would like to thank all riders and the Riders Alliance Interim Board for their input and continued support.


Global Tour Director / Rider Contact

World Snowboard Tour (TTR)
Fabia Laura Grüebler
Cell: +1.604.698.5264

Communication Coordinator

World Snowboard Tour (TTR)
Franziska Friemann

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