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Final Results – The Mile High by Carlton Dry




Due to strong winds the finals had to be cancelled. The results from day 1 remain final. Congratulations Silvia Mittermuller & Tor Lundstrom on the win! Stay tuned for more info, photos & the video.


The World Snowboard Tour Pro Slopestyle event had a great start in its first ever event with perfect conditions and an amazing course. All riders were stoked with the set up.
“The second longest jump line I have ridden in my whole life and the only event with more jumps was Euro X Games 2009. X Games and then Australia so this is very special”. Silvia Mittlemuller (GER) – Women’s Day 1 winner.

The stand out of the day’s riding was Tor Lundstrom (SWE) who had run after run of clean and high scoring runs. Tor is currently sitting on top of the leader board with only one more day of competition to go. Tor’s major standouts were his miller flips over the bin gap and his backside 10 double cork into a front 10.

Winner of the Carlton Dry 30 (30min best trick comp) was Maxence Parrot from Quebec Canada who threw down all day but shut the Carlton Dry 30 in under 5 mins with a perfect back double cork 1260.
“My first time in Australia and I have not seen any kangaroos yet! I The competition was really good, the level of riding was really high and we all had some good times out there. “

Winner of the women’s slopestyle day 1 was Silvia Mittlemuller from Germany and the winner of the women’s Carlton Dry 30 (best trick) went to Courtney Phillipson from Australia with a backside 5.

Stay tuned and see what happens and during the finals today. Check out all the pictures in the Photo Gallery.


MENS RESULTS AFTER DAY 1 (Results are final due to cancelation of the finals day)

bib name
1 lundstrom
2 comber
3 parrot
4 walker
5 kearney
6 brown
7 davies
8 long
9 wood
10 staveley
11 vogel-paul
12 hayman
13 steinbacher
14 lynne
15 collingz
16 laidlaw
17 klein
18 mcalpin
19 phillips
20 cantle
21 marsden
22 belmore
23 green
24 perry
25 sturrock
26 ryan
27 thompson


WOMENS RESULTS AFTER DAY 1 (Results are final due to cancelation of the finals day)

1 mittermuller
2 turnbull
3 blundell
4 rich
5 phillipson
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