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Relentless Bigair Stuttgart Presented By Quiksilver – Construction In Record Time


Much faster than planned, the steel structure for the “Relentless BigAir Stuttgart presented by Quiksilver” has been completed and the ramp is standing 36 meters tall. The 5Star TTR event is happening on December 16-17th, 2011 with world-class riders in attendance. At last years event it took 2 weeks for the steel structure to stand while workers managed to construct this years ramp at almost half the time.

“The routine and the good weather worked out for us”, says Udo Schlatter, from Schlatter Scaffolding. Thursday, the carpenters assemble wood paneling on the scaffolding and a week before the event, the snow will be spread over the ramp.
For the second edition of “Relentless BigAir Stuttgart”, the organizers expect about 10,000 visitors in the Neckar Park. The contest is part of the TTR World Snowboard Tour and is one of the biggest snowboard competitions worldwide.

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1. Werni Stock (AUT)
2. Mario Käppeli (CH)
3. Nils Arvidsson (SWE)
4. Elias Elhardt (D)
5. Ethan Morgan (D)
6. Markku Koski (FIN)
7. Roope Tonteri (FIN)
8. Janne Korpi (FIN)
9. Mathias Weissenbacher (AUT)
10. Bode Merrill (USA)
11. Jamie Nicholls (UK)
12. David Bertschinger Karg (CH)
13. Peter König (AUT)
14. Janne Lipsanen (FIN)
15. Victor de le Rue (FRA)


1. Simon Pircher (AUT)
2. Felix Georgii (D)
3. Anton Bilare (SWE)
4. Tom Klocker (AUT)
5. Daniel Rajcsanyi (D)
6. Max Glatzl (AUT)
7. Ludvig Billtoft (SWE)
8. Sami Luthanen (FIN)
9. Thomas Feurstein (AUT)
10. Max Horn (D)
11. Havard Bergheim (NOR)
12. Boris Bühler (CH)
13. Sven Thorgren (SWE)
14. Luka Jeromel (SLO)
15. Florian Corzelius (AUT)
16. Niklas Mattsson (SWE)