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Red Bull Supernatural – The Future Of Snowboarding?


Unfortunately the Red Bull Supernatural doesn’t fit in to any TTR tour discipline yet, but, is it the future of competitive freestyle snowboarding? For the uninitiated the Red Bull Supernatural is a unique backcountry competition handcrafted by the snowboarding demi-god, Travis Rice, to challenge all the riders over a unique terrain . Travis Rice spent most of his past winters traveling around the globe in the search of the best natural features to perform his breathtaking snowboarding stunts. Red Bull Supernatural has aimed to serve up a run beyond anyone’s wildest dreams with three distinct sections designed to show off each athlete’s strengths. So, how can you go along and watch this great contest? Well, that’s an issue. The riders are choppered in because it’s located within the 32,000 acre tenure of Baldface Lodge, one of Canada’s best backcountry snowcat operations. Deep in the Kootenay Mountains of British Columbia, the 45+ degree slope nicknamed “Scary Cherry” is host to over 80 man-made features which took a crew of loggers five months to construct! The riders’ list features the additions of wild card winners Mark McMorris and Sage Kotsenburg, both 18-years old and slopestyle leaders on the TTR World Snowboard Tour. Also Canadian Mark Sollors has been confirmed to replace Wolle Nyvelt, who was forced to drop out due to an injury . THE RED BULL SUPERNATURAL CONFIRMED RIDER LIST David Carrier-Porcheron CAN Devun Walsh CAN
 Eero Niemela FIN
 Gigi Ruf AUT Jake Blauvelt USA John Jackson USA
 Kazu Kokubo JPN
 Lucas Debari USA
 Mark Carter USA Mark Landvik USA
 Nicolas M