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Qualifying Riders Prove Their Worth At Swatch TTR Six(6)Star Oneill Evolution


Davos, Switzerland: Backside Air, after Backside Air, after Backside Air, the Quarterpipe qualifications for the Swatch TTR SIX(6)STAR ONeill Evolution went down on another brisk night in Davos, Switzerland. On a massive Quarterpipe, the qualification riders entered themselves into a backside air session with the occasional Backside 5 or Rodeo finding its way into the mix. Despite the lack of variety, 16 riders broke away from the pack and proved their worth to ride with the big dogs in Saturdays 32-man Quarterpipe semi-finals.On his second run in Heat 1, Colin Frei (SUI) busted out a smooth backside 540 to earn him the top spot in his heat. The second heat saw 15-year-old, Canadian Rider Seb Toots (CAN) land the highest Backside Air of the night at 7.4 m on his fourth run, and also take the top spot in his heat. Taking the third top position in Heat 3, Norwegian rider Tore Holvik (NOR) impressed the judges with a clean Backside Indy on his third run.The qualifying riders will have to bring out some new tricks for Saturday if the hope to make it through the semis and into the finals, earning themselves a piece of the $100 000 USD prize purse and some much needed TTR Ranking Points. Top 16 Qualifying Quarterpipe Riders:Quarterpipe Qualification Heat 1:1. Colin Frei SUI K22. Stefano Munari ITA ONeill3. Olivier Gittler FRA Burton4. Daniel Avdaloff CHI Burton5. Rene Broder SUI K2Quarterpipe Qualification Heat 2:1. Seb Toots CAN ONeill2. Arthur Longo FRA APO3. Kim Rune Hansen NOR Burton4. Markus Malin FIN Salomon5. Peetu Piiroinen FIN Burton6. Steve Krijbolder NED ONeillQuarterpipe Qualification Heat 3:1. Tore Holvik NOR Bateleon2. Manuel Pietropoli ITA Burton3. Gary Zebrowski FRA Nitro4. Benoit Thomas-Javid FRA Rome5. Valerian Ducourtil FRA APOThe Halfpipe qualifying session on Wednesday night however, featured a lot more variety with strong amplitude and smooth combos from the top 16 riders who qualified into Fridays Halfpipe semi-finals at the ONeill Evolution. Every rider was loving the pipe conditions and construction, which was built 20 m longer than last year, allowing five comfortable hits in everyones line.1st place rider in Heat 1, the local Mario Kappeli (SUI) took advantage of the pipe length, making a total of six hits with a Frontside Air, to Backside 540, to Frontside 900, to Backside Air, and rounding out his run with an Alley-oop McTwist. Heat 2 saw Finnish rider Peetu Piiroinen (FIN) complete a highly technical run with a Backside 540, to a Frontside 720, to Cab 720, to a Frontside Nose, to a Backside 900 and adding a nice handplant to the end. Gary Zebrowski who took 1st in Heat 3 spiced things up in his second run with a Frontside Air, to Backside Air, to Cab 1080, to Cab 720. The qualifying pipe riders are certainly going to give the 16 seeded riders a run for their money. Invited swiss rider Iouri Podladtchikov (SUI) mentioned Peetu Piiroinen as one to watch out for as he could probably win the superpipe event. I dont even think he needs to qualify! Fridays semi-finals will for sure be jam-packed with technical combos as every rider fights for one of 16 spots in the finals. More TTR Ranking Points are up for grabs in the first finals of the two-format competition. Top 16 Qualifying Halfpipe Riders:Halfpipe Qualifying Heat 1:1. Mario Kappeli SUI Ride2. Ben Stewart NZE Nitro3. Dan Wakeham GBR Nike4. Kosuke Hosokawa JPN Kissmark5. Daniel Friberg SUI Burton6. Therry Brunner SUI NitroHalfpipe Qualifying Heat 2:1. Peetu Piiroinen FIN Burton2. Olivier Gittler FRA Burton3. Stefano Munari ITA ONeill4. Gian Simmen SUI ONeill5. Pekka Ruokanen FIN FlowHalfpipe Qualifying Heat 3:1. Gary Zebrowski FRA Nitro2. Manuel Pietropoli ITA Burton3. Tore Holvik NOR Bateleon 4. Sergio Berger SUI Quiksilver5. Stale Sandbech NOR Oakley