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Practice Day 1 Impressions From Tac 2009


The snowboarding Oslo will see this week will be truly 6Star if not from a different world. The Oakley Arctic Challenge arena up at Linderudkollen 15 minutes outside the city is pretty magical. Today’s riding started with a couple of little powder runs with mini cliffs, jumps and the occasional spray to warm up. Terje was the first to drop into Claes’s 10,6m beauty of a quarter and kept building meter after meter on this first hit all day, landing some of the smoothest BS Airs quarterpipe riding has ever seen. But the rest of the bunch didn’t wait long to take their chances of testing out the huge transition and rider after rider dropped in to get comfortable with the beast. Only few of the highlights of today are in the above gallery, but be sure to check the daily video updates from TTR at and don’t forget: There is a live webcast on Thursday and Saturday which you can either watch via or to make sure you experienced live and first hand what will be one of this year’s sickest snowboarding showdowns!